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5 Simple Unique Arts and Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

Below are the 5 Simple Unique Arts and Crafts for Toddlers and Kids.

First you also need to understand that Toddlers/Kids also enjoy the inner fulfillment of doing certain things by themselves and being creative.

Thy are great to use as an instant activity if kids are bored, as a temporary distraction, or as a craft project for kids with short attention spans.

It’s great to have a few of these up your sleeve for slow moments after school, on weekends, or on holidays!

But first let us discuss the reasons why crafting is important for your kids. There are are about 10 importance of arts and crafts for toddlers and kids as listed below:

Ten Reasons to Craft with your Children

1) Developing fine motor skills. It helps small children develop their fine motor skills as they have to cut paper and even stick things together.

2) It helps children focus. Completing a craft takes determination and some amount of focus and discipline. As the result is satisfying and personally rewarding, children will want to finish it so they can show off the final product to their parents and friends.

3) Children learn to take instructions. If you are supervising and guiding the child, there will be instructions to be followed. This will help children with their listening skills.

4) Learning language. While crafting with your children you can teach them new words like “glue”, “stick”, “wax”, “cardboard” – basically anything that you use in the craft. You can also take the opportunity to introduce shapes and colors to your child.

5) Commitment. Children learn commitment by completing projects. By starting small, with crafts, children learn the satisfaction and pride of completing a project.

Start small and as the child grows up introduce bigger and harder projects that will take more time.

Encourage your child to complete the craft project rather than abandon one half-completed craft to start on a new one. Children are easily distracted.

This is your opportunity to teach them to follow through with whatever they start so that there is a finished product, regardless of how it looks.

Every piece of craft is a work of art, after all, and importantly you are teaching your child the benefits of commitment.

6) Enhancing problem solving skills. For the children who are a bit older, you can even show them a photo of a craft and ask them if they would like to recreate that. They can use whatever you have at home.

This will force them to look at the photo carefully and find alternatives for items that can’t be found in your home. While doing that, they will use their imagination and creativity and even learn to think out of the box.

7) Use their imagination. Crafting allows children to be creative and use their imagination. Often if you leave your child to do arts and crafts on their own, they will come up with some odd image or shape that looks unidentifiable to you.

When you ask them what it is, then you will see how creative and imaginative your child is. You’ll be amazed with what they might come up with.

8) Developing patience. As creating crafts takes time and demands that the child focus, it also requires patience.

Your child will learn that everything is not easy to come by with the snap of their fingers.

9) Offline time. It’s a great way to get your child into an activity that doesn’t involve the TV, computer or a video screen.

10) Great bonding opportunity. Ultimately, crafting with your children gives you a chance to spend time with them. If you can get the whole family to craft together, even better.

While hands are busy crafting, children will often open up and talk about whatever pops into their head.

You can also use the time to subtly ask them about topics you want to know more about such as their friends or school or how they feel about an issue.

Now let us discuss below the 5 Simple Unique Arts and Crafts for Toddlers and Kids:

1. Small Journals Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Stack white or lined paper on top of your choice of patterned paper.

Sew down the center to create a booklet.

Add washi accents for an extra touch!

2. Paper Pinwheel Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

We like to think of these as the original fidget spinners. Paper pinwheels are a timeless craft and a great STEM project for kids.

These even make a pretty craft for adults; think: adorable baby shower decor!

3. Washi Tape Paper Clips

Place the washi around the paperclip and cut into banner shape.

4. Recycled Tin Can Windsocks

These recycled tin can windsocks are one of my family’s favorite crafts to make and they only require a recycled can, paint, glue, and ribbon!

5. Place Cards Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Print or hand-letter the names on white card-stock.

Layer on patterned paper and a tag.

Add a tassel or ribbon at the end!


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