5 Ways How your Thinking Can Fuel your Business Growth

When it comes to your business growth here’s the deal, although user experience was once considered the realm of programmers and web designers, that’s now not the case. Very soon, the user experience is anticipated to overtake price and product features as a key differentiator for brands.

Even today, 70 percent of purchases are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated, from direct interactions to small signals that their perspectives are valued.

User experience isn’t isolated to how a product or service looks; beyond the image or interface, user experience is about the journey a customer takes and also the moments of pleasure she experiences along the way.

UX is about the whole set of touch points a customer experiences, from her first visit to a brand’s website to her weekly stops at its store. Design and technology band together to make sure her encounters are positive, building a robust relationship.

And that relationship is precisely what can fuel a business’s growth. it is vital to understand that there is no such thing as a neutral design, especially in an era when 80 percent of consumers trust reviews the maximum amount as recommendations from friends and family.

In fact, Marketing Week found that 83 percent of marketers place customer experience during a more central role than they did five years prior; only 30 percent placed advertising in a more central role, underscoring the importance of thinking like users instead of brands.

Investing in usability testing learning to ascertain through users’ eyes are often a game changer for not only customers, but also for the businesses serving them.

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Now let us look at those ways on how your thinking can fuel your business growth below:

1. Expand Your Mindset for Business Growth

With regards to business statistics, between 80% – 90% of companies fail within the first five years; while out of those that survive, one-half fail within the next ten years. you’ve got to ask yourself why these businesses fail. It’s because people don’t have the mindset to succeed.

Business growth may be a lot about mindset. Resilience, the power to navigate complexities, to able to plan of the box, the ability to take risks all these steps will get into play.

Mindset management incompetence is one among the first factors why businesses fail. you need to build yourself up these things . The expansion of your business depends tons on the way you think that .

You can put your systems in place, you can put people in place, and you’ll be able to have the simplest products and services. But your own thinking goes to place a lead on the expansion of your business. Your business cannot grow past your own thinking. it’s because you’re the one who is driving this business!

So, first, you would like to develop your mindset. Here is an analogy I’m going to discuss to clarify it let’s suppose there’s a jug of water. Let’s just say that water represents the financial opportunities in business.

There is also a little glass, once you begin pouring water from that jug into the glass and once it gets to the highest , it starts overflowing.

It overflowed not because there’s enough water within the jug; it’s because the glass’ capacity is restricted . So, the foremost important thing you would like to try and do is to grow the capacity of your business.

Here, the result is unless you expand your thinking, there won’t be any business opportunity.

2. Expose Yourself to Big Thinking Experiences

As you know, reading is a powerful medium. However, experiencing something firsthand is even more powerful because it invokes even more of your senses. You know this to be true. Reading about a vacation spot and experiencing that vacation spot are two completely different experiences.

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So, as you’re thinking about how to think bigger, what kinds of experiences would help you dream bigger? Here are a few ideas to get your brain started on this.

  • Nature. Who isn’t inspired to think bigger when they observe the size and majesty of the ocean or a mountain or a waterfall?
  • Bigger Businesses. It could be a company larger in your industry (let’s say you’re an ad agency so you’d tour a larger ad agency) or it could be a company outside your industry (for example, tour Zappos). Either way, your brain should be fully engaged and motivated by either or both of those experiences.
  • Great Hospitality. Who isn’t inspired eating a gourmet meal in a top tier restaurant or staying in a beautiful hotel or resort?
  • History. Standing in the place where great men and women have walked before, from a battlefield to a castle to a workshop to museum can inspire you to think bigger and to think about the legacy you want to leave behind.

Whichever option (or options) you choose, make sure you use those experiences to fuel your big thinking. Use them to ask bigger questions and you’ll be inspired to think bigger.

3. Surround Yourself With Big Thinkers

There’s an educational theory known as social learning theory. The common phraseology describing this theory states, “You become like those with whom you spend the most time.” This is why most parents ride their kids to pick their friends carefully because we all know, that who we spend time with does influence the person we become.

Realizing this, it just makes sense that as adults, we ought to be just as intentional about choosing those with whom we’re going to spend our time. This principle works on multiple levels. For example,

  • Socially. You have a massive amount of control over with whom you spend your time. Why not decrease the amount of time you spend with small thinkers and intentionally increase the amount of time you spend with people who stimulate your brain and encourage you to dream bigger.
  • Intellectually. You choose what you put into your brain. You can either spend a lot of time reading the news or reading entertainment or reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs and risk takers. Choose wisely.
  • Meetings/Conferences. When you go to conferences or meetings of seminars, there are always a wide range of people present. You can either spend your time with small thinkers (“Let’s go get smashed”) or with big thinkers (“Let’s go change the world”). It’s your choice.

Every day you choose with whom you’re going to spend your time, either in person or through the mediums of the printed page or the internet (text, video or audio). Why not choose wisely and choose to spend more time interacting with those who will inspire you to think bigger?

4. Ask Bigger, More Empowering Questions

If you’ve been reading any of my content for any length of time you know that I frequently say that questions are the key to thinking. The way our brains have been wired is that questions trigger thoughts. So, if you want to think bigger, by definition, you need to ask bigger, more empowering questions.

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But what do bigger, more empowering questions look like? Well, here are a few sample questions to get your brain engaged.

  • What if we could grow by 30% (or 50% or 100%) this year? What would that look like?
  • What if we were to expand our geographical footprint outside of our community/city and grow statewide (or regionally or nationally or globally)?
  • What if we were to become the national leader in our market? What would that look like?
  • What if we were to become a $100M company in the next five years. What would that look like?
  • What if we were to 10X our results in the next three years. What would that look like?
  • What if we were to become the most innovative company in our market space over the next three years. What would that look like?
  • What if we were to build 50 company stores over the next few years. What would that look like?

You get the idea. As Tony Robbins says so well. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers.

In other words, ask a small question, get a small answer. Ask a bigger question, get a bigger answer.

So, if you want to scale your business faster, you might want to expand the kinds of questions you’re asking yourself. Ask bigger, more empowering questions and you’ll get bigger, more empowering answers.

5. Take 100% Responsibility for your Business Growth

Taking responsibility is helpful in mindset development and expansion of your Business Growth. Whatever happens in your business, you need to take 100% responsibility for it.

Whether your employee steals something from you, whether your products don’t do well, whether you can’t get enough sales; if anything happens, it’s you who is responsible.

Anytime, you find yourself blaming somebody or holding somebody responsible, you start becoming weak as an entrepreneur. Blaming someone else not only cripples business growth strategies but severely affects your business development plan.

Even if you are not at faults, you have to take a hundred percent responsibility. I don’t say to blame yourself as it is negative, but taking a 100% responsibility is positive, and you need to do that.

It takes extra efforts and concentration on some special techniques, along with the pointers we discussed above to accelerate the growth of your business. It also helps you get an edge over your competitors to attract new customers and retain them.

Ron Malhotra highlighted the need for quality thinking to become a business owner. He advised startup owners to cultivate positive thinking for market penetration. It’s the thinking that makes you succeed or fail.


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