All You Need to Know About Titus Welliver

All You Need to Know About Titus Welliver

Let’s look at the life of Titus Welliver, his life, his family, and his profession! His birth name is Titus Welliver. Titus Welliver was born in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

Titus Welliver was born in the year 1962, March 12. Titus Welliver is an Actor by profession, Titus Welliver height is Height, 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m).

Titus Welliver who was born on March 12, 1962, is an American actor. He became popularly known for the role he played in the following movies; As Silas Adams in Deadwood, As jimmy O’Phelan in sons of Anarchy, He also played the title role in the television series Bosch and Men in Black in Lost.

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His Early Life

All You Need to Know About Titus Welliver
Titus Welliver tattoos

Titus Welliver was born in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. His father’s name is Neil Welliver. His father Neil Welliver, as of then was a well-known American landscape painter who was also a professor of fine art at the University of Yale before he became the dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Fine Art. Titus Welliver’s mother’s name is Norma Cripps. Norma Cripps as of then was an illustrator in fashion.

Titus Welliver studied drama at the University of New York in the year 1980s (early 1980s) before he began to pursue his film and television career.

Titus Welliver’s life has been known to be marked by a great loss. Titus Welliver’s younger sister is Ashley Welliver who died of sudden infant death syndrome, she died as an infant in the spring of 1976.

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Titus Welliver’s younger brother Eli Lustman Welliver who was twenty-one years old also died, he was killed in May 1991 by an unintended overdose of heroin during an attempted robbery at a bar close to the University of Payap in Chiang Mai.

Titus Welliver’s elder brother, Silas Bartley Welliver also died on February 16th, 2002, he died of muscular dystrophy.

Titus Welliver’s stepmother, Polly Mudge Welliver also died at the age of 38 from a strep infection.

Titus Welliver spouse – fourth wife Elizabeth Welliver Alexander who was a film producer died of breast cancer on October 23, 2012.

Titus Welliver Movies and TV Shows

The following are some of the film projects that Titus Welliver has worked on;

The Doors 1991

Rough Riders1997

Mulholland Falls 1996

Once in the Life 2000

Mobsters 1991

Biker Boyz 2003

Twisted 2004

Assault on Precinct 13 2005

He was cast in all four of director Ben Affleck’s up till date

Gone baby gone 2007

He has also cast in director Micheal Bays’ film Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014

The Town 2010

Agro 2012

Live by Night 2016

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Titus Welliver had a recurring role as a director on the NYPD Blue and also one of the stars of the CBS police drama Brooklyn South on Television. Titus Welliver is also popularly known for playing the semi-regular character of Silas Adams on the HBO series titled the Deadwood.

Titus Welliver also played the Representative in two episodes of the movie “Prison Break, he acted as Kyle Hollis in the NBC series Life.

Titus Welliver appeared in season five of Lost as the Man in Black, which he continued to portray during the sixth and final season.

Titus Welliver appeared in one of the episodes of Touched by an Angel which was titled The occupant, in which he played the role of a man who was occupied by a demon.

Titus Welliver was introduced into a movie titled Sons of Anarchy midway through season two, in which he played the role, of Irish gun kingpin Jimmy O; Phelan.

Titus Welliver In 2009, started playing the role of Prosecutor Glenn Childs, a rival of Chris North’s character, in the CBS series The Good Wife.

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Titus Welliver joined the cast of the apocalyptic drama which is titled The Last Ship in a recurring role for its first two seasons, as Thorwald, a local warlord fighting underground in a dying world that was infected by a global and wide pandemic according to the movie writer.

Titus Welliver is widely known to play the title role in the TV series titled Bosch from Amazon Studios. The TV series is based on the novel that is centered on the character of the same name by Micheal Connelly. The first season of this TV series was released on Amazon prime  Video in 2015, February 13. The TV Bosch series was renewed for a seventh and final season on 2020 February 13.

Titus Welliver is known to be the narrator of several audiobooks, which includes; Robert B. Parker’s series of the American Western novels, the Blue Eyed Devil, Appaloosa, Brimstone, and Ironhorse.

Titus Welliver was the one who also narrated many of the Michael Connelly Bosch of the crime fiction novels. Titus Welliver also narrated ‘The Crossing, The Burning Room and he also narrated The Wrong Side of Goodbye.

Titus Welliver is known to have been married five times. Titus Welliver’s marriage to a Hollywood talent agent called Dani Sexton ended up in divorce, his marriage to Heather Wielandt also ended up in divorce and Titus Welliver’s marriage to actress Joanna Heimbold also ended in divorce.

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Titus Welliver’s fourth wife, Elizabeth Welliver Alexander died of breast cancer in the year 2012. Alexander gave birth to three children for Titus Welliver, a daughter, and two sons then Titus Welliver went ahead to take another wife named, Jose Stemken, who is a Dutch fashion consultant.

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