Anybody earning N200K monthly in Nigeria is better than someone that is earning £2000 in the UK – Air Peace boss, Allen Onyeoma (video)

Allen Onyeoma, the CEO of Air Peace, has said that those who earn two hundred thousand Naira monthly in Nigeria are better off than those earning two thousand pounds in the United Kingdom. 

He said this while appearing as a guest on TVC. 

Speaking to the host about the economic crisis and strength of the Naira, Onyema said he agrees that the bulk of the issue is “artificial”. 

He added: “Go to London, if you earn two thousand pounds a month in London, you’re a pauper. What two thousand pounds can afford you is like two thousand Naira.” 

He continued: “The person earning two hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is better.” 

Onyema added that with earnings of 200,000, a Nigerian can afford a maid, a driver and other domestic staff. 

He said he believes completely that the Naira has more value than is being projected when compared to other foreign currencies. 


He added that Nigerians should stop demonetising the country.

Watch below.

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