Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

Computer technology which is a combination of both hardware and software is enhancing on daily basis as millions of people are now implementing this technology in a variety of different ways.

Even business owners are now tapping into the power of computer technology in the areas of marketing their businesses or products as well as in their production process.

These now made computer technology one of the most important aspects of all technologies available in our today’s world.

To become a computer technology expert, you will need to obtain a relevant computer technology degree, this is because adequate experience is required to become a successful computer technology expert.

Computer technology salaries are always high as they are being paid very well because of the nature of their job in any company/organization.

Over the years before the advent of computer technology (software and hardware), it was pretty much difficult and stressful for someone to compile and organize a large amount of data within a little amount of time and fast.

Transmission of data was difficult and costly even when computer technology first came on board, it was still not much easier to organize, transmit and compile information or data.

Hence the simplicity of data transmission and organization today came about through tech experts who worked tirelessly towards the improvement of data organization, transmission, and compilation.

To date, tech experts are still enhancing the speed of data organization and transmission even though transmission, organization, and compilation of information seem to be a whole lot easier.

In every part of the world today, certain individuals, tech experts to be precise have been assigned different roles to play in the enhancement of computer technology.

Those sets of individuals are generally known as IT support specialists and an IT support specialist salary are always high.

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Meanwhile, there are different types of IT support jobs available at the moment as discussed below, you just have to choose the one that suits you better.

IT Support Jobs

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

First, before taking a look at the IT support jobs available, let’s understand what IT technical support means.

IT technical support is someone/person, probably a professional in a certain IT skill, who is being assigned in a particular company or organization to manage ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems (Computer and Network systems).

An IT support specialist doesn’t necessarily have to be an employee of that particular company, although in most cases they are being hired by a particular company or organization, for a certain task or job.

IT support specialist collects a good amount of salary, we’ll be discussing that later in this article.

At this point, you might be wondering how one can become an IT technical support specialist?

Well, the first step to take in becoming an IT technical support specialist is to obtain a related and relevant degree in the field. Some jobs may only require on-the-job training and certificate.

The IT support is also a great opportunity for those who might lack the needed technical skills to work an advanced role in the company.

The IT world is growing big and fast, therefore, it is recommended you venture into it today.

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Now let’s briefly discuss some jobs available;

(1) Desktop Support Analyst

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

The average salary of a desktop support analyst is $54,090 per year.

A desktop support analyst only analyzes and troubleshoots issues encountered with desktop computers.

(2) Help Desk Tech Support

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

They have an average salary of $3800 to $63,750 per year, they are mainly assigned the position of resolving the technical issues of customers and also enhancing customers’ experience.

Also, they are responsible for attending to queries and issues of customers.

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(3) System Administrator

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

They have the same function as the help desk tech support, the only difference is that the system administrator does not attend to customers rather they are meant or responsible for system configurations and operations of a computer system.

They are not meant to attend to customers’ issues and queries, they only solve issues of the computers within the organization.

(4) Computer Repair Technician

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

A computer repair technician is simply someone who repairs and maintains computer systems.

There are many cases where a person who is not an employee in a certain organization, only comes once in a while to run check-ups on the system and do a little maintenance and leave.

They aren’t employees, they are only supporting the organization in the aspect of computer system maintenance and are being paid off for the services they render.

A computer repair technician according to our research collects an average salary of $32,00 to $54,000 per year.

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Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

From the jobs listed and explained above, you can see that some jobs only require a high school certificate and additional technical skills.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Computer Technology Skills and their Importance

This is a Google-hosted program that helps many people develop in-demand skills in less than 6 months.

Skills you will learn includes;

(1) Debugging

(2) Customer service

(3) Binary code

(4) Network protocols

(5) Encryption algorithms

(6) Network models and so many more.

Note: Regarding the Google IT Support Professional Certificate cost or the Google IT Support Salary, enrolling in this course is free plus after the training, you will be able to stand out in some IT-related areas.

You can signup for the Google IT Support Professional Certificate here.

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Advanced Computer Technology

This type of computer technology is the type that mainly performs high-end processes. 

They are simply referred to as super-computers because they perform complex functions and operations.

Computer Technology School

A computer technology school offer computer/computer technology-related program.

However, in today’s digital world, one can easily acquire a degree online without even going to a conventional college/university.

One of these online programs includes the Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

IT Support Services

IT support services refer to the process of providing support to all kinds of IT-related issues, some of which includes;

(1) Cloud Service

(2) Virtual Desktop

(3) Data Backup

(4) Cyber Security

(5) Hardware and Software services

(6) Mobile Device management

(7) Email services

(8) Computer Operators

They maintain computer systems and solve issues in the IT space.

Almost every organization today now has an IT support service because they play an important role in the advancement of computer technology in general.

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This is where we will be ending our discussion today about computer technology and its related skills.

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