Controllable Factors Affecting the Promotion Mix

The following are the controllable factors affecting the promotion mix;

1. Place

Wholesalers and retailers are usually reached by salesmen, because they are few in number when compared to consumers, require detailed information on costs, mark-ups, profits, promotion plans, and so on, and buy in quantities large enough to make the use of personal selling feasible.

Trade advertising may be used to inform and persuade middlemen, but the major promotion tool is personal selling.

Good channel relationships with middlemen are particularly important when a manufacturer’s product is essentially similar to those of his competitors.

Salesmen can cement good relationships, serve as a valuable source of feedback to manufacturers, and quickly correct problems, all of which are areas in which mass-selling tools are weak.

The loss of an important wholesaler or retailer may be a major setback to a manufacturer’s marketing program, whereas the loss of one consumer does not usually have a drastic effect.

The marketing manager should have intimate knowledge of transportation and storage facilities and the requirements for products under his jurisdiction.

His knowledge of wholesalers and retailers and their objectives and requirements is useful in selecting proper channels of distribution, rewarding channel members, and ensuring the proper flow of goods to target markets.

No one in the company has better knowledge of the factors that make up the place mix.

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Controllable Factors Affecting the Promotion Mix

2. Promotion

Once overall company and marketing objectives have been set, the marketing manager is in a position to set promotion objectives and blend the promotion tools into a mix to achieve these objectives.

His background of experience, market research and testing, and intimate knowledge of the strengths and weakness of the promotion tools will enable him to “tailor-fit” the promotion mix to the product or service.

He is also in a key position to observe and measure the effects of his selection on sales.

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