27 Easy (and Seriously Impactful) Decor DIYs for While You’re Stuck at Home

1 Reupholster a Chair

2 Upgrade Your Closet Doors

Cursed with ugly, builder-grade closet doors? Try this surprisingly easy hack from our friend designer Keita Turner, to give them a bespoke look with just a few yards of fabric and a staple gun.

3 Propagate a Plant

Have plants at home? Great news: You can turn them into more plants. Here’s our step-by-step guide to growing a new plant with cuttings from an older one.

4 Swap in a Cool Doorknob

This is one of those small changes that makes a big impact. With just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, swap out old, boring doorknobs for something prettier. Here’s how.

5 Make Candles + Soaps

These DIY kits from Craftzee offer candles, soaps and bath bombs customizable in classic scents like fresh cotton and cherry blossom. Their pre-mixed bases are safe to use (read: no lye-mixing) and include plenty to make for friends and neighbors. Shop here.

6 Make a Set of No-Sew Curtains

Want new window treatments but no sewing machine (or seamstress skills) at home? No problem. I made this set in my apartment just using double-stick fabric tape. Get the tutorial here.

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7 Make Professional-Grade Curtains

If you can sew, why not make sone professional-level curtains? We had the founder of Stitchroom show us how to do it. Watch here.

8 Cover Up an Old Appliance

Steal this idea from Danielle Rollins and pretty up your ugly appliances with contact paper or vinyl wallpaper. Here’s how.

9 Restyle Your Shelves

10 Marbelize Your Countertops

11 Hang Some Art!

What better way to add visual interest to the place you’re holed up in than to hang some art on the walls? Here’s our tutorial for hanging art or, if you want to do something a little different, try this plate wall.

12 Contain Your Pillows

Keep pillows and throw blankets contained in these adorbs pom pom baskets. Bonus: They could also double as laundry hampers.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

13 Gain Storage — Without Shelves

If add-on shelves feel too messy and cluttered for your walls, DIY pegboards. You’ll gain additional space for vases, plants, mirrors, frames, etc., and warm up your space with the giant wooden wall covering.

14 Create Hanging Space

No space to store your hats? Need a rack for towels? Or are you just in need of extra space to hang some planters? This DIY ladder is not only functional, but it’s also got all the industrial cool vibes.

15 Display Dinnerware

You don’t need a china cabinet (and in fact, if you have one, you’ll want to chuck it in favor of this, anyway), you just need DIY A-frame ladder shelves. Minimalism FTW!

16 Fake A Linen Closet

No linen closet in your bathroom? No problem. Attach baskets to the wall for a spot to fold extra towels and washcloths.

17 Label Kitchen Necessities

Use your favorite font to make sure your bottles of oil and vinegar stand out on your counter and fit your decor. These chic bottles were made using transfer sheets and a Cricut Explore.

18 Hang Your Books

This hack is great for thin kids’ books. Keep all their current faves in one place by creating this hanging holder made of felt, wood, and string. Even better? It rolls up!

19 Corral Your Keys

Never forget your keys again thanks to this colorful wood slice key holder. Paint the front in bold, vivid colors, so you can’t miss it on the way out the door.

20 Hang Your Phone

We’re willing to bet your charging station is a disorganized mess, but there’s a solution. Turn a bottle of baby lotion into a cell phone holder that hangs from the charger. Now, everything’s in one place and it’s way more streamlined than a jumble of cables.

21 Hide Your Drying Rack

Ugly, bulky drying racks = not cute. If you do your laundry regularly and have lots of clothes that just can’t go in the dryer, attach this DIY folding rack to an empty wall.

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22 Slide Your Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets strewn around the house or stacked in piles in your laundry room sounds like something out of decor nightmares, but don’t stress. A simple-to-build dresser allows you to slide your laundry baskets in and out when you need to use them and store them in between washings. Genius.

23 Organize Spices

Spices are tricky things to store: Magnetizing them can be expensive, and takes up wall space. Storing them in your cupboards means you’ll spend a lot of time digging around in search of the cumin. That’s why we love this lifehack so much: It’s an insanely simple solution to an annoying problem.

24 Color Your Keys

We’ve all been there: Which one’s the backdoor key again? Paint each key with a different color to differentiate them — using nail polish is the easiest method.

25 Make Stair Tread Bookshelves

Shelves can be pricey, so a cute, customizable DIY option totally welcome. These shelves are an inexpensive option when you’re seeking out lots of wall storage.

26 Store Cleaners Vertically

Shower caddies aren’t just for your shower. Use a tension-based shower caddy in the laundry room to store your detergent, cleaning supplies, towels, and any other odds and ends.

27 Make A Rolling Vanity

This IKEA hack may be our favorite yet. Finding space for a vanity can be difficult, especially in small apartments but if you could get that vanity to roll? It’s perfect.

28 Clip Your Chargers

This super easy hack is about to make your life so much easier. If you like to charge your electronics on your nightstand, attach a binder clip to the side. Thread the charger through the clips, and ta-da your cord will never be lost beneath your bed again.


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