FA Cup: What do you think about Liverpool vs Man City match?

In the scramble to accurately ensconce Liverpool’s rivalry with Manchester City, the idea of them both as boxing heavyweights has been understandably prevalent of late.

So it wouldn’t require too much of a leap now to imagine the tagline of Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final being accompanied by the paraphrasing of a catchy line often used to hype up a clash between unbeaten fighters on pay-per-view. Because as they say in boxing, someone’s O has got to go. The same can be said in a roundabout way of these two prizefighters this weekend.

By Saturday evening, we will know whether or not Jurgen Klopp and his Reds players are still on course for their quadruple quest.

It is why the stakes of Saturday’s meeting go far beyond the 2022 FA Cup. They have rarely been higher, in fact. Particularly at Anfield where a tilt at footballing history is not only being sustained but made more realistic by the game.

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