Family In Distress Over Breadwinner’s Disappearance

Family In Distress Over Breadwinner’s Disappearance

The family of a man, Kehinde Okeowo, are distressed over his disappearance from home following attacks by suspected political thugs.

His mother, Madam Adewunmi Okeowo, a retired civil servant, lamented that efforts made to ensure that security operatives come to his assistance have proved abortive, while those behind the sinister move are threatening to deal with him whenever they lay their hands on him and his family.

She said her son and his family are living in fear “over what his assailants described as” “uncompromising anti-corruption disposition”, as a politician- cum-social justice activist in Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

She said: “My son’s travails began in 2014 when he defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in his area and was the deputy chairmanship aspirant in the council election in 2017.

Family In Distress Over Breadwinner’s Disappearance

‘’He later founded a movement called Stand-up against Corrupt Politicians (SACP), with which he criticized and exposed corrupt politicians within and outside his political party.

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He was accused of being behind the electoral loss of his former party in the 2017 local government election and equally contributed to the breaking up of the party, hence their unrelenting effort to get him to face the music at all cost.

‘‘In August 2017, my son’s home at Alapere, Ketu was attacked by political thugs, who had previously attacked the place. He reported the incident at Alapere Police Station, where the police guaranteed him safety, to no avail.

The news we later got was that one of the aspirants for the chairmanship of the local council area had been murdered by suspected political thugs.”

Okeowo said that despite that her son and his family relocated to another house on Victoria Island, the thugs ‘’visited their new home and when they did not meet her son at home, they beat up his wife and children.”

She added: “Besides Kehinde, the thugs also on March 30, 2020 attacked his younger brother, Segun, at his home where they inflicted injuries on him, telling him that they wanted him to produce his elder brother, Kehinde.

“The suspected political thugs, some of whom a couple of years ago, attacked the campaign team of my son, are still vowing to deal with him anytime they set their eyes on him. I, therefore, appeal to security operatives to intervene.”


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