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FFXIV Fashion Report – All You Need to Know About

Ffxiv fashion report is a weekly fashion report hosted by Gold Saucer that allows the participant to test everything they know about fashion. If fashion is what you love then finding the best dress styles on weekly basis is something you should be interested in.

An interesting fact about the fashion report is that each participant gets rewarded although these rewards can only be received once a week.

One of the exciting components of the fashion report ffxiv that keeps participants coming back to the challenge is the different activities and programs hosted by the Ffxiv fashion report.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Ffxiv fashion report (fashion to figure) is a weekly context where participants or players challenge each other and earn rewards afterward for coming up with the best and fascinating outfits.

During the fashion report challenge, each individual will be assessed or judged by assigned judges to ascertain the values of each participant’s outfit.

The points each player gets is being determined by the judge ascertaining each participant’s outfit.

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How to Get Involved in the FFXIV Fashion Report

Below are series of steps to take to participate in the ffxiv fashion report this week (ffxiv fashion report guide).

(1) Find and visit the masked rose at Gold Saucer.
(2) After taking up with step one you will then be assigned a theme, i.e this will continue every week as the challenge goes on.

Before then you will be given a theme once you have reached level 15 for the fashion report on start.

Reaching this level 15 will unlock the gold disc which is required to gain access to the fashion report ffxiv.

FFXIV Fashion Report Rewards

In the fashion report challenge, there are rewards in which every participant earns every week.

Therefore, if you want to participate in this fashion report challenge, you will be rewarded 10,000MGP just for participating.

There are also point ratings which you will get at the cause of the challenge, this rating will determine how much you will earn.

If by chance you manage to get a point rating of 80 or more then you will get an added reward of 50,000MGP just for your extra efforts.

One interesting part of this challenge is that you not only get cash rewards but also gain access to the Kasumi boutique.

The Kasumi boutique has tons of fancy fashion items, so it’s worth looking into.

Tips On Getting A Higher Rating

After you’ve gotten yourself involved in the fashion report challenge, questions like “how can I increase my point rating”, will start to arise.

Hence getting a point rating up to 80 can get you an added reward of about 50,000MGP.

Gathering tips/hints on how to get a higher rating comes with a price that is to say you will have to do lots of digging and research because the theme is being changed every week.

You can also try to check the official platform to see if any tips for the weekly fashion report challenge have been posted.

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It is highly recommended that you participate in the event more than once a week because doing so gives you an edge in getting a higher rating, unlike others who just participate in the regular weekly routine event once.

You can also use this as an advantage to look for hints/tips that will help in improving your score.

(1) Make sure that you have every slot filled.
(2) You should look into finding the base value for your items.

Just by considering these two points mentioned above, it can go a long way in boosting your point rating, although it will take you a couple of months to unlock the secret in getting a high rating because the theme is being changed weekly which makes it a little harder to get tips/hints easily.

Participants also get tips from ideas through the fashion nova men clothing line, the Ff14 fashion report (fashion report ff14), and many other sources to get more ideas on how to increase their points.

You can also check out this resource from Reddit

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