Google Doodles honours the ‘one-man orchestra’ Oskar Sala on 112th birth anniversary

On July 18, Google will honor the 112th birthday of the innovative electronic music composer and German physicist Oskar Sala with a special Google Doodle depicting him composing music and developing new instruments.

Sala, best known for his sound effects on a musical instrument known as a mixture-trautonium, electrified the worlds of television, radio, and film with musical pieces such as Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962), according to Google in a blog post.

Oskar Sala, who was he?
Sala, who was born in Germany in 1910 to musical parents, began writing songs and compositions for instruments such as the violin and piano when he was a teenager.

“When Sala first learned about the trautonium, he was enthralled by the tonal possibilities.”

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