How to Make the Perfect Photo Book

You’ve already captured the everyday smiles of life and now comes the easy part sharing them. Creating a photo book is a simple way to transform your photo memories into stories that can be shared with others. You can preserve your favorite milestones and relive each moment.

Whether you decide to scrapbook your own or create a photo book online, personalization is key. Creating the book with your personal style in mind will enable you to create something you can be proud of.

We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks on the best ways to make a photo book so that you can display life’s beautiful moments. Once you get an idea of how to start, follow our steps to create your own photo book and see for yourself how easy it is.

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How to Make the Perfect Photo Book: Tips and Tricks

1. Organize Your Photos

The key to success is organizing your photos beforehand. Before you log on to a photo book site or printing app, organize your photos on your desktop. Organizing your photos only takes a few minutes and will save a lot of time later on. Place the photos you want to include in one folder that you can upload all at once.

2. Choose The Right Photos

You already know how to take the perfect photo, now it’s time to sift through the ones you want to display. Start by including all the photos you like, then narrow them down based on quality. Keep in mind that if a photo is out of focus, it will show up even more blurry when it’s enlarged and printed in a photo book.

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3. Highlight Your Favorites

Photo book layouts usually feature certain photos larger than others. Make sure your favorite photos get the spotlight. This is where customization makes all the difference.

4. Create Variety In Spreads

There are endless options when it comes to photo book layouts and templates. Create a variety in the arrangement of photos. By switching around the layout of photos, you will add visual interest and hold the reader’s attention.

5. Pick A Theme

A theme makes all the difference because it gives the book a storyline. A baby photo book can be transformed from a collection of photos into an ABC book. A travel photo book is redefined when photos from a cross-country road trip are accompanied by an old western typeface. Try out a few themes to get a feel for which one fits best.

6. Include Helpful Text

One way to capture time is through photos. Another way to secure a memory is through words. Write in dates and stories along with your photos. A quote from an event or a description of a celebration will help recreate that memory in the years to come.

7. Tell A Story

Organize your photo book in a way that tells a story. The easiest way to achieve this is to create the book in chronological order. Most events such as weddings or your baby’s first year have a clear order to them. The album story will be easiest to follow if you recreate the sequence of how the event occurred.

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