Husband beheads wife with a sword for taking too long to make a brew

The suspect, named only as Dharamveer, allegedly killed his wife Sundari, 50, with a sword in their home in the village of Faljagadh, India.

Sundari woke up around 6am and began preparing her husband’s tea, but it wasn’t ready when he asked for it.

After Dharamveer asked for the cuppa a second time, the vegetable seller allegedly stabbed his wife 15 times with the sword before beheading her.

The couple’s four children were at home sleeping at the time, but their son Soldier heard his mum’s screams and rushed to the scene, where Dharamveer allegedly attacked him too.

After hearing screaming, locals also rushed over to their home and found Sundari lying dead in a pool of blood.

Photo shows the husband Dharmveer, undated. He allegedly beheaded his wife Sundari, 50, after an argument for tea, in Ghaziabad, India on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. (CEN)
His wife had taken too long to make a cup of tea (Picture: CEN)
Photo shows the victim, Sundari, undated. The woman, 50, was beheaded allegedly by her husband after an argument for tea, in Ghaziabad, India on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. (CEN)
Sundari’s body was discovered in a pool of blood (Picture: CEN)

The cops were called and Sundari’s body was taken away for an autopsy, with Dharamveer arrested at the scene.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gyan Prakash Rai said: ‘Dharamveer and Sundari had a fight over making tea.

‘He then took out a sharp weapon and attacked her on the neck from behind, which led to her immediate death.’

Soldier told local reports that his father had become angry over tea before and often shouted at his mother, but had never hit her. 

The investigation is ongoing.

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