I got pregnant as a virgin – Wathoni

Wathoni has disclosed how she got pregnant as a virgin at 23.

During her wager task, Wathoni revealed that she got pregnant at 23 without having sex.

Thursday’s wager was done as a tribute by Housemates to their heroes and she choose her son as her hero.

Speaking of Wathoni experience as a virgin mother, the single mother of one said she adopted her father’s name for her son because she serves as parents for the young boy.

“My son is my hero, I love him so much. In fact, I do not allow people to beat him. We do everything together, from Yoga to taking pictures

I got pregnant as a virgin – Wathoni

“He bears my surname, Anyasi, because I’m his mother and father. He is my shining star,” she said.

She however disclosed how she got pregnant without penetration.

“I was a virgin till 23. That day, I was with the guy in question. At that time, I was ovulating but I didn’t know so I was not bothered about it.

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“He is the kind of guy that gets turned on by seeing a vagina. So, all he did was to rub his penis on my vagina and ejaculate. There was no penetration. That was it.”

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