Innocent Farmers Killed By Deadly Terrorists without trace In Nigeria

Gunmen believed to be herdsmen/ Boko Haram members killed innocent souls without the government tracing their where about and this have caused confusion among people round the country.

It Is believed that these terrorists has been posting several videos on the internet giving warnings and calling to their demands to the government and don’t hide their identity but still the government has not gotten any clue on their location and where about.

And so many people have claimed that during the #Endsars protest, the government traced to the last scene of the protest.

The question now is, why can’t the government trace this wicked terrorists and put them behind bars?

No place is safe for the citizens anymore in the country.

Read as tweeted below by a Nigerian citizen:

”Nigerian Service Chiefs have made Shekau to be immortal, the deadly terrorist is boldly speaking live on TV on the recent killings of innocent farmers without trace.

Shekau doesn’t hide his face, the Government traced down #endsars protesters but Shekau isn’t behind bars to date”.

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