Hollywood: John Cena congratulates James Gunn, Jennifer Holland on engagement

John Cena Congratulates James Gunn, Jennifer Holland On Engagement

With the DC series Peacemaker wrapping up its first season and its renewal on HBO Max, there’s also major news between creator James Gunn and actor Jennifer Holland, who plays Team ARGUS tactical expert Emilia Harcourt, announcing their engagement.

Wrestling Legend and Hollywood superstar, John Cena, has gone ahead and posted his congratulations on social media. 

“So happy 4 U both! When needed I can get U an incredible justice of the PEACE!

“I know a guy, that you also know, who isn’t really a JOP he just,well… f*ck I’m talkin bout #Peacemaker PS I don’t own the costume so there’s also that hill to climb. I didn’t really think this thru”, he said on Twitter.

Cena who plays the titular character, Peacemaker, on James Gunn’s new DC series has gushed over the new couple and found a way to goof around while at it.

The series focuses on the eponymous character who recovered from his near mortal wounds following the events of The Suicide Squad with renewed purpose.

Hollywood: John Cena congratulates James Gunn, Jennifer Holland on engagement

The leader behind Task Force X in Amanda Waller assigned Chris along with Harcourt and computer specialist John Economos, who defied her orders during the events of the 2021 film, to the new assignment to stop a pending alien threat.

Also joining them are Waller’s daughter Leota Adebayo, a freelance superhero who adores Peacemaker in Vigilante, and leader Clemson Murn. Hot on their tail is Chris’ White supremacist father Auggie, martial artist Judomaster, and the local law enforcement.

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