Latest Business Ideas with Little or No Capital To Start – Part 2

On our previous article, we discussed about the “Part 1” of this our great topic and if you have been following up then am sure you might have gained one or two things from our previous discussion that got you thinking of a possibility at least.

Meanwhile in case you couldn’t find any of the ideas on our “Part 1” category suitable enough for you, then you can go through this second part and continuation of the ideas and might be lucky this time around.

Without wasting much time on the introduction, today we are going to be discussing about the “Latest Business Ideas with Little or No Capital To Start – Part 2” which is a continuation of the previous part of the article, and in case you missed that part simply click here “Latest Business Ideas with Little or No Capital To Start – Part 1to read it up.

Some of the latest business ideas with little or no capital to start that we are going to be discussing about today include the following:

1. Liquid Soap Making Business Idea

Am sure you must have come across house wives, boys, and girls that are making cool deal with liquid soup productions and some of them even see to you and make money from you. Smiles!

It is not no longer a secret that you can actually produce that same detergents that you spends money to buy from them and even sell to others and make your own money.

You can think of a better strategy and methods to apply to enable yours turn out to be the best within your area so that people will search for you to patronize you.

You may decide to specialize in making washing detergents, bathing soaps, hand liquid soaps etc. and sell them within your neighborhood as a start and before you know it, you can rent a small shop, produce more soaps and grow bigger.

Am certain some of you may react right now by saying that it is not all that easy, it is easier said than done, do you know how long that will take, etc. but the truth of the matter remains that even a popular saying that goes thus “Rome was not built in a day” was said for a reason, for some people it is a word of “Encouragement” to start little and grow while for others it is a word of “Discouragement” to just decide not to stress themselves.

This is where Prayer, Passion, Dreams and Determination comes into play because they are the only things that will keep you going even when all hope is gone.

2. Recharge Card Business Idea

Generally, many people feel that recharge card is that it is not a lucrative, business that it is just an exchange of money. That is WRONG. With recharge cards, houses are being built, cars are being bought. Those doing it rightly are living the comfortable life of their dream.

If you really want to make money from recharge cards business, an expert says, “don’t limit yourself”. When probed further on what he meant by that, he said that many people do it wrongly by depending on retailing instead of exploiting other avenues therein such as printing and distributing to others at less profit which adds up with your own profits over time.

Being Business minded also means being innovative enough to create channels where everyone fails. Therefore challenge your inner ability today.

3. Bead And Hat Making Business Idea

This is a handiwork that some students are using to pay their school fees and are even sending money home to their parents. Some nicely designed beads can be sold for a lot of money and this money will come from what you actually spent little amount of money in buying the materials.

Give this a try, ask the bead makers and you will be surprised at what they make.

4. Private Coaching Business Idea

With your expertise on some subjects, you will excel in coaching business. Am sure by now you know very well that knowledge can be exchanged for cash and that is exactly what Teaching, Lecturing and Coaching is all about.

Therefore get up now and start paying yourself by building the upcoming lads up with the knowledge you got from school, instead of sitting and waiting for an office job that you are not even certain of.

Run a private coaching for at least 4 school children in a month and you will be surprise at the amount you can make from that alone.

5. Sales of Used Items Business Idea

There are many areas to choose from and specialize in this kind of business as it is very wide. You can decide to go into used shoes known as Okirika shoes, clothes, and even bags. There is plenty of money to be made in used items business in Nigeria.

Used items business is a profitable small business idea without any doubt. One can go into the business, either in a small scale or at the level of your choice depending on the amount of your start up capital and making good money is 100% guaranteed.

Most of these second handed goods has been found both to be cheaper and stronger than the fake brand new ones in the market therefore a lot of people patronize them even more than the new ones.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and earn a living through this means, take care of your responsibilities, feel fulfilled and happy.

This is where we will be rounding up for today’s topic.

Don’t forget to visit our previous discussed topics for more amazing business ideas and how to manage your businesses.

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