LGTBQ+ – gay/lesbian couples will be allowed to openly hold hands and kiss at Qatar World Cup

Despite the Arab state’s ban on public displays of affection, gay couples will be permitted to publicly hold hands, cuddle, and kiss at the World Cup in Qatar.

Despite the recent development, there are concerns that LGBTQ+ people in the nation who currently enjoy the temporary freedom would still face punishment after the World Cup.

Mail Online claims that FIFA secretly met with Qatar’s Interior Ministry and convinced it to forbid its Preventive Security Department from detaining LGBT World Cup supporters.

According to rumors, undercover ministry operatives were planning to mix with the crowd and apprehend alleged violators.

Supporters of England and Wales were forewarned by Foreign Secretary James Cleverly last month that these nations are Muslim and have very distinct cultural foundations (from ours).

“Respecting the culture of your host nation is crucial when you are a guest to a country,” the speaker says.

Since Qatar was selected as the host nation for the 2022 World Cup, the decision to hold it there, where homosexuality is punishable by death, has come under fire from gay and human rights organizations.

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