Mississippi River Stages: All You Need to Know About

Mississippi River Stages: All You Need to Know About

When you hear of the Mississippi river, what first comes to your mind?

Well, most people often mistake the Mississippi river for the Missouri River.

The Mississippi River is the second-longest river in North America, in an article published on this website, we discussed the Missouri river. 

According to research, the Mississippi River is said to be 40 million years old.

We explained that the Missouri river has tributaries, which Mississippi happens to be one of its tributaries, therefore we can conclude by saying that the Mississippi River is the largest or second-largest River in North America. 

For the sake and purpose of this article, our main focus will be greatly based on the Mississippi River – All you need to know about.

Years back the people who settled around that region or area knew it by the name “The father of waters” or simply “Misi Sipi” which means Big River.

To date, most people consider the Mississippi River as the great American waterway.

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You might be wondering, why Mississippi is called the great American waterway… this is because the river passes through 10 states and some of these states include; Kentucky, Lowa, Illinois, Missouri, e.t.c.

However, the Missouri River on the other hand is also considered the longest river in North America.

The National Mississippi River Museum is located in Dubuque, Lowa, USA, and this property is owned by Dubuque county.

The Mississippi River stages can be of great economic significance or impact as it is also one of the means through which so many people earn a living.

Note: The Mississippi River is divided into Upper Mississippi and Lower Mississippi.

(1) The upper Mississippi has its source from lake Itasca south to the Ohio River.

(2) The lower Mississippi has its source from Ohio, down to its mouth near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Recall that we stated in our article about the Missouri river that one can’t swim in the Missouri River due to chemicals and bacteria’s found in it.

However, the good news about the Mississippi River is that it can be used for both swimming and fishing, which is why it is of great importance.

Although one ought to wash/bathe after swimming or threading the Mississippi River.

As every river has one or more pollution, so the Mississippi River is no different, but it is not as polluted as the Missouri River.

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Mississippi River stages at Arkansas city

The Mississippi River stages at Arkansas city have low silt that causes flood, thereby causing several access roads to be impassable.

One of the major drawbacks of the Mississippi River is the issue of flooding, due to high water.

Therefore, many commercial activities like hunting are usually suspended due to the flood to avoid causing more harm to the people within.

Over the years the Mississippi River has been causing several floods around its area, but thankfully the government, have also been playing there part to tackle this issue of flooding around the settlements of the Mississippi River areas.

Mississippi River St. Louis

In this stage, unlike the Arkansas city stage, efforts have been made to ensure that the flood doesn’t hit the economical area and settlements.

This is because of the flood-gate that has been mounted, around the Mississippi River at St Louis to prevent flooding.

St Louis is said to be the major way in Missouri along the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River’s importance, cannot be overlooked, because it serves as a means through which people earn a living, even countries, that is in terms of transporting goods for the foreign and domestic market.

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Lower Mississippi River stages 28 day forecast

The lower Mississippi river stages 28 day forecast is not an official forecast, this is according to the statement from the official Mississippi River weather website.

The 28 day forecast is considered operational using the 16days forecast of rainfall.

Therefore the 28 day forecast is just an experiment and not an official forecast to be precise.

However, you should know that the 28 day forecast was created as a way of collecting user feed-backs to display a 28 day forecast for locations along the lower Mississippi River.

Note: This is currently experimental and not official.

Lower Ohio and Mississippi River stages

Mississippi River Stages: All You Need to Know About

We’ll be placing more emphasis on the observations and forecasts of the lower Mississippi/Ohio.

The lower Ohio River forecast begins at Smithland and flows downstream to the upper Mississippi/Ohio.

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Other stages of the Mississippi River include the Mississippi River stages Cape Girardeau, Mississippi river stages at Vicksburg, Mississippi river stages baton rouge, Mississippi river stages new Orleans, etc.

However, these other Mississippi river stages won’t be discussed in this article here. We will discuss more on each of these stages in our subsequent articles… therefore please continue to visit our website for more interesting information.

This is where we will be wrapping up our today’s discussion.

Do you have more questions or other forms of contributions? Then kindly use the comment section below for all your contributions.

You are also encouraged to please kindly share this information with your loved ones you feel might benefit from this article as we cannot reach everyone at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

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