Reactions as Policewoman Sings National Anthem Wrongly with Confidence

A video of a policewoman incorrectly reciting the national anthem of the country during a conference has gone viral and elicited emotions.

The video of the female cop ignoring the national anthem has gone viral.

X user @IamNobody_fr contributed the video.

Many people have been drawn to the video since they have diverse reactions to it…

@TinyAlonge: “Perfect depiction of the state of the npf k blurnt,

@kendrick_fisay, said: “Can we go lower than this?”

@levyngrey: “No vetting nor checking. She probably used nepotism or connections to get there. Nonsense”.

@adu_faye: “How she takes pass police academy”.

@stephcrown06: “All of you wey dey laugh at this woman no fit recite reach like this, lmao.”

@damoninal_ Omo, “I’ve not recited the national anthem for like 20 years now and I can never forget it… How can a whole police officer not be able to recite the national anthe*

m??? And you are here justifying this??? Omo, Naija people are really the problem.”

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