This Premier League Club Reportedly Set To Receive A 12-point Deduction This Season

According to reports, Everton will be slammed with the 12-point deduction at the end of this week, dropping them into the relegation zone in the 2023/2024 club football season with just 2 points.There has been no official confirmation from the Football Association, but Everton has been under investigation since the start of the 2022/2023 season for breaching financial fair play laws.According to The Telegraph UK, The Premier League has suggested that Everton should face a severe penalty, with a maximum of 12 points deduction, which puts the club in a vulnerable position regarding relegation.Presently, Everton who is currently ranked 16th in the Premier League, with just three points above the relegation zone, would drop to the 20th position with just 2 points if the suggestion is being adopted.

The club’s financial losses over the past three years amount to £304 million, which is more than the permitted £105 million limit. As a result, the league has recommended a points deduction. Aside from a potential points deduction, Everton may face fines and/or a transfer embargo as recommended by the Premier League, which underscores the severity of the situation.

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