Titus Makin Jr. His life, Family, and Profession

Titus Makin Jr. His life, Family, and Profession

Titus Makin Jr was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in the year 1989, on June 10th to Odell Makin Jr. Titus Makin is an American actor, singer, and dancer with a height of 1.82 m. Titus Makin is known to play a role in Jackson West on the Rockie.

Titus Makin began to sing and dance at age nine (9), he was selected and took part in a talent contest during his primary (elementary) school.

Titus Makin also schooled in Buena High in Sierra Vista, where he attained his diploma.

Titus Makin had no acting experience until he graduated from Buena High in Sierra Vista, Arizona in the year 2006 because he had the intention of working in the show business.

Titus Makin was best known for the role he played in the Fox television show Glee, and also The Rookie on ABC.

Titus Makin has played several roles in movies and TV shows which include; Marital Bliss, Key, Peele, Once Upon a Date, Grim. Etc. of recent Titus Makin is into music which made him take an exit from ‘The Rookie’ season 4.

Titus Makin released his first Butterfly Ali EP. ‘Preacher’s Kid, together with his new single, ‘Ain’t Ready for Me’, in the year 2021, May 20th.

Titus Makin’s father’s name is Titus Makin who was a soldier in the military service, which made him travel and change residence often Titus Makin’s mother’s name is Julieth Makin.

Titus also has a sister, Natasha Makin, Natasha is known to run the talent agency that is called ‘Makin-Management’.

Titus Makin, after high school, was accepted into The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

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Titus Makin Jr. His life, Family, and Profession
Titus Makin Jr.

In the first of Titus Makin in The New Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, he was selected for the New York Knicks Acroback Tumbler, which was said to appear on a midterm New York Knicks are shown in Madison Square Garden.

Titus Makin then followed suit in Los Angeles to advance and to promote his acting career after his graduation.

Titus is the son of Titus Makin and Juliette Makin. His father was a soldier.

Titus Makin is the kind of person that normally likes to keep his personal life private.

Therefore information about his dating life is not available for now.

Hence It is therefore not known whether Titus Makin is married or has any children.

Most people wonder if Titus Makin is gay after his portrayal of the Jackson west on the series titled ‘The Rookie’.

Titus Makin has therefore not said anything concerning his sexual orientation, but Titus used to date a girl named Camille Bright back then in the year 2011.

So many people are waiting to know about his relationship status, but there is no news about his relationship yet.

Though Titus played the role of gay in The Rookie film. However, it is not yet clearly stated or proven if Titus Makin is gay in reality since he has been in so many relationships.

Titus Makin is 5 feet and 11 inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms.

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Titus Makin Jr is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 Million which he has earned through his career as an actor.

Titus Makin played the role of Clark Wilkins in Pretty Little Liars’ film. Clark is first seen in “Don’t Look Now” at the Hollis photography studio.

Titus started to have a conversation with Aria and the pair formed a friendship.

Due to Clark that is undercover, Titus Makin’s personality toward Aria was likely just a deceptive outward appearance to help him get closer to her.

While undercover, Titus Makin was seen to be normal, and cheerful. He has a great and passionate interest in photography with cast knowledge of places to take great and beautiful photos.

Titus Makin Jr. His life, Family, and Profession
Titus Makin Jr.

Titus Makin was very curious about Aria’s trial and asks her questions, just to gather enough information for his investigation.

He encourages Aria to pursue her love and passion for photography and encourages her to be protective, and dutiful.

In Summary, Titus Makin Jr is an American actor, singer, and dancer, who played the role of Jackson West on The Rookie.

Titus Makin started his singing and dancing career and at the age of nine, Titus Makin partook in a talent contest at his primary school.

Though Titus knew he wanted to work in the show business, he had no acting experience at all not until he graduated from Buena High in Sierra Vista, Arizona in 2006, where he attained his diploma.

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Titus Makin Jr. so much loves to keep his personal life private, which has made the information about his dating life is not unknown.

Therefore it is not known whether Titus Makin is married or has any child.

Due to security reasons, Titus Makin has refused to disclose his exact location of residence.

Therefore the location and images of his house are yet to be known.
Titus Makin is very much alive and also in good health.

There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health issues or challenges.

Titus Makin is still an active participant in the creative entertainment industry. His Twitter (Tweets by TitusMakin).

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