True Love – Miss Nigeria’s reaction to Jamaica winning the Miss World Title

Miss World Beauty Pageant Contestant, Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas (left) and Miss Brazil Elis Coelho (right) support Miss Jamaica.

CNN – Miss World Beauty Pageant Contestant, Miss Nigeria has set a new standard for how we want our friends to react to our successes. And we’ll expect nothing less.

Nyekachi Douglas didn’t hold back when she heard the 2019 Miss World winner announced on stage Saturday and it was her fellow contestant, Toni-Ann Singh, who represented Jamaica.

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Thou the internet cheered her on but no one louder than Douglas, who was among the finalists and that it exactly what true friendship is all about.

True Love - Miss Nigeria's reaction to Jamaica winning the Miss World Title

“Absolutely amazing in all my years of watching never seen another queen this excited about someone else’s win,” one Twitter user commented. “#MissNigeria you are simply the best.”

Meanwhile Singh, the 69th Miss World, said she was “honored and grateful for this opportunity but most of all I’m thinking about the work that needs to be done and that I have the platform and the means to do it,” after receiving her crown.

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The 23-year-old graduated from Florida State University with psychology and women’s studies degrees and, according to the Miss World website, plans to enroll in medical school soon.

True Love - Miss Nigeria's reaction to Jamaica winning the Miss World Title

Singh celebrated her win on Instagram, expressing gratitude to her fellow Jamaican’s for “believing in me”

“My heart is filled with love and gratitude. Thank you so much for believing in me. You pushed me to believe in myself. I am not only honored but humbled to be the 69th Miss World.

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“Thank you to my family and to my friends. The love and support you poured into me now allows me to pour into the world.

My mother @jahrinebailey, I love you I love you I love you. I wish to become even half the woman you are. You are my strength, my number one supporter/cheerleader/fan and my absolute best friend,” she said.

Singh also urged girls all around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams.

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“Please know that you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams. This crown is not mine but yours. It’s for you to truly understand that no matter where you’re from and the cards you’re dealt in life – your dreams are valid. You have a PURPOSE,” she added.

Singh is the fourth Jamaican to win the coveted pageant. The country has previously won Miss World titles in 1963, 1976 and 1993.

She was closely followed by France’s Ophely Mezino, who was adjudged first runners-up, while India’s Suman Rao was declared second runners-up.

Rao, 20, a CA student hailing from Rajasthan, was crowned Miss India World 2019 in June this year.


Miss Nigeria had the best reaction to Jamaica winning the Miss World title and we’re all inspired

Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica crowned Miss World; Suman Rao second runner-up

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