US Rapper Snoop Dogg, Son To Launch New Video Game Company

Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell Broadus are set to launch a new company in California’s expanding video gaming industry.

With the help of its Fortnite Creative toolkit and the editing program Unreal Editor for Fortnite, Death Row Games hopes to support a varied range of creators in publishing content on Epic Games’ online game “Fortnite.” It will probably be headquartered in Los Angeles, according to Broadus.

Engagement rewards are a feature of the game’s Creator Economy 2.0 that enables qualified island developers to get payment based on how much interaction their published island content receives.

Built and sold by Epic, the “Fortnite” cosmetics brand frequently collaborates with other IP owners to incorporate their creations into the game. Epic began setting aside 40% of that revenue in March to be distributed based on the engagement created by eligible publishers’ work.

This is Snoop’s most recent venture into the gaming industry; he has gained popularity as a streamer and has worked with games like “Call of Duty” to make appearances in games.

Up until early this year, Snoop served as a director on the board of directors for the esports team FaZe Clan. In 2022, Snoop acquired the notorious gangsta rap label Death Row Records.

The iconic rapper has evolved into a multihyphenated tycoon over the course of his decades-long career. He has successfully created a mobile app, sold brands ranging from Hot Pockets to T-Mobile, and built an empire around his lifelong love of cannabis.

 “Myself and my father, we’re avid gamers,” Broadus, 26, said. “We’ve witnessed the power of video games and how impactful storytelling is, and we just wanted to provide an immersive experience that represents the neighbourhoods and the places that we come up from,” Broadus said.

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