Water Business – Complete Beginners Guide

Water business especially clean water service has become a very lucrative business idea for people who are interested in the business.

Water is very important when it comes to our survival, the human body is made up of water therefore we as human beings need water to function properly.

Water Business

Water Business is a very lucrative and profitable business as every individual who purchases bottled/sachet water expects to get clean, safe, and particle-free water.

In some cases, however, people get discouraged when they purchase bottled/sachet water and then discover that it isn’t clean or there are particles of dirt in it.

This can be very harmful to the human body and can lead to several health complications.

Due to this reason, establishing or running a water business comes with a lot of stress because one has to involve several food agencies.

The water business is still in need of people who are willing to start the production of clean water because everyone drinks water daily including drinking water before bed.

People also ask does drinking water lower blood pressure? and other clean water services.

Produced bottled waters or sachet waters can be distributed to markets, stores, and other related commercial places for sale.

There are certain mistakes people make when starting up a bottle water business because the truth of the matter is not everybody can run a successful water business.

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Some of those mistakes include:

Water Business - Complete Beginners Guide

(1) Most people fail to register the business with agencies responsible for food and hygiene checks.

Since registering a business seems expensive, most people ignore the business registration and go on with the business thereby running an illegal business, this can be very risky because such business owners mostly get arrested and also get their water businesses closed down.

(2) Another mistake that most water business owners make is that of maintenance of the business.

When a water business is fully operational, there is every need to employ constant maintenance for your machines and environment, by doing so shows that you care about the well-being of people.

For example, in a bottling water factory, the management ensures that their filtration system is well cleaned and maintained to ensure the production of clean water and perfect hygiene.

Note: making sure there is perfect hygiene is very vital in the water business as many water factory gets closed down by many food and hygiene inspection agency due to unhygienic environment in the production of bottled/sachet water.

There are certain challenges that most water factory owners while running the water business and this challenge has caused so many water factories to shut down.

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Below are some of the challenges that most people encounter while running their water factory business.

Water Business - Complete Beginners Guide

(1) One of the most frustrating challenges that most water factory owners face is not being able to sell or distribute the sachet/bottled water faster.

Due to the chemical additives in the water, the water however tends to expire when kept for a long time.

Therefore, not being able to sell them fast will result in a total loss because the taste of the water starts to change, for this reason, one has to dispose of the water.

(2) Another challenge is not being able to pay your staff their salary as at when due, this is one of the most crucial issues that is meant to be tackled or addressed right from the beginning.

You should know that the water business is not a one-man business, hence it requires a lot of people each performing different roles to ensure the growth and smooth running of the business.

Therefore, there is every need for you to treat your workers well and pay them their salary when due, for them to work better and efficiently towards the growth and development of the business.

(3) As we mentioned earlier that why most water business owners fail at times is the inability to sell their sachet/bottled water fast and this challenge leads to loss.

However, from our research, we discovered that most water businesses today do not employ the use of vehicles for transportation to distribute the sachet/bottled water to designated locations.

Note: To ensure your water business moves smoothly and fast you should use vehicles for transporting your bottled/sachet water.

However even after purchasing a vehicle for transportation, most people tend to ignore the fact that they have to maintain it, if you notice most vehicles used for sachet/bottled water distribution nowadays looks disfigured, this is because of the stress and overuse they undergo on daily basis and they are mostly not being maintained, this can be very bad as it can affect your water business.

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Bottled Water Business Guide

Water Business - Complete Beginners Guide

The bottled water business is very profitable, therefore we’ll be discussing how one can start up a water business.

Note: You need capital to start a water business and your startup capital will largely depend on the capacity you wish to start with.

(1) Acquire land: The first thing you should think of is getting a piece of land or probably rent a space for your water business.

(2) Dig a Borehole: The water business is an interesting one because water is a gift that nature offers, so digging a borehole saves you the stress of buying water or getting water elsewhere.

(3) Register your business with hygiene/food inspection agencies: One of the most important things you should do is to register your business name with agencies responsible for inspecting and monitoring your products.

(4) Purchase required machines: Certain machines need to be in place when starting a water business one of which includes; a filtration system and many more.

(5) Workers: This venture is not a one-man show, so you need laborers to run things for you.

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