What to expect from Tyrese Gibson’s ‘Fast and Furious 10’

What to expect from Tyrese Gibson's 'Fast and Furious 10'

Tyrese Gibson’s promise of Fast X returning to where the Fast & Furious series began is at odds with the very nature of the series itself.

The in-production, though, arguably mistitled Fast X, will be part one of the Fast Saga’s planned two-part finale.

While the audience’s expectations lie squarely in how Fast X might surpass the bonkers stunts and stakes of F9, Tyrese Gibson’s latest comments tease something more counterintuitive.

Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious saga

Tyrese Gibson commented in a recent Instagram video alongside Vin Diesel, “The fans have been wanting over the years for us to get back to the roots of what we know and love about Fast. We’ve heard you. And we’re doing it.” Gibson didn’t specify what that would mean, so it’s hard to fully ascertain exactly what he could be referring to other than the franchise’s street racing origins seen in The Fast & the Furious. The problem is that that goes against the entire concept of what the Fast Saga is.

Theories have circulated that the Fast Saga might venture into time-travel as its next frontier of embracing its ridiculousness without comment, including theories that a trip back to the pre-Fast Five movies could be on the table.

Hypothetically, this could be what Gibson was referring to as a return to the series’ roots in Fast X. This could also be bolstered somewhat by the X-Men-like Fast X logo, which is hardly indicative of a down-to-Earth story in the vein of The Fast & the Furious.

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