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Why Chucky Dolls May Be Bad For Your Kids

Chucky Dolls – To does who have seen the Chucky movie they can attest to how scary the movie is, due to its horrific and dreadful scenes which may consider as being disturbing. However, most people love the movie even as it being an horror movie.

Chucky is a serial killer, to make matters worst he could rip the organs of his victims out! Well this is terrible because am sure no parent would want to raise a child who will grow up with the mentality of being a serial killer in future or having the urge to kill someone.

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However, in this article we’ll be briefly seeing reasons why Chucky Dolls may not be good for younger kids or even older ones. Before that, to better get a good intuitive reason why this kind of doll is bad for your kids below is what entails a brief summary of what the movie is about.

What’s Behind The Chucky Movie?

Chucky Dolls

Chucky, is all about a guy named Charles Lee who was shot, as he was about dieing, the dreadful, horrific and violent serial killer Chucky also known as Charles Lee, then transfers his soul into a doll which eventually carries his evil bidding by hunting and killing people. Also, in the movie Chucky can be seen trying to transfer is soul into humans just as he did with the doll.

As the story progresses, Chucky then decided to take over the entire planet so he can rule, so he decided to spread his spirit among several doll bodies, each doll with its own conscience.

However, since the release of this movie, Chucky has become one of the most well-known horror icons and has been used frequently in pop culture references and so with Chucky Dolls all over the place.

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Why Do Some Kids Still Play With Chucky Dolls Despite It Disadvantages?

You must understand that kids differ in their likes and dislikes. For instance, my 4yr old brother loves playing with Chucky despite making several attempts to stop him from harboring such toys because personally I don’t like it. But yet this doll is super scary!! Some kids may end up not been able to sleep at night having nightmares, seeing Chucky in their dreams which is bad!

So Why Are Chucky Dolls Bad For Children Or Babies?

Just like we mentioned, some kids may prefer the Chucky toy to any other kind of toy despite it’s horrific nature and design, however age matters, because giving a horrific-like doll to a 2-3yr old child may be your greatest regret as parent, as they may not be able to sleep at night keeping you up all night which is bad.

Watching Chucky or giving the Chucky doll will give them nightmares for a good long time, and they probably won’t be able to sleep with the lights off or the door closed. Might not be able to even sleep by themselves without freaking out.

Although, some kids are ready for more mature and scary dolls like Chucky. If I were you I would wait for my kids to get to atleast 10yr old before allowing them to have such kind of dolls.

My 4yr old nephew, for example, often complains of having “bad thoughts” while trying to fall asleep. he has a scary thought, and it spirals into being the only thing he can think about. Horror is definitely not his thing.

So imagine getting a scary doll for someone like my 4yr old nephew, the house would be on fire at night as they’ll end up running scattering the whole house out of fear of Chucky!!!

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