Breaking: Former prime minister Imran Khan sustains ‘gunshot injury’ as he escapes failed ‘assassination attempt’ in Pakistan

After a gunman opened fire on a convoy transporting the former prime minister Imran Khan, wounded him and killing a fan as he led a march on Islamabad to demand snap elections, protesters took to the streets of Pakistan.

Breaking: Former prime minister Imran Khan sustains 'gunshot injury' as he escapes failed 'assassination attempt' in Pakistan

A party aide reported that Khan, 70, had suffered a lower leg injury and was in stable condition following what his supporters are calling an assassination attempt. “With an automatic weapon, a man started shooting. There are several injuries. Soon after the shooting, Asad Umar stated that Imran Khan had also been hurt.

Imran Khan

It was not immediately known who the shooter was who was detained on the site. Online videos of a disheveled man with his hands bound behind his back, appearing to be in police custody, claimed the man had planned to kill Khan.

Video from the scene shows a shooter being subdued by another man as he attempts to shoot Khan with his gun, which is purportedly a 9mm automatic handgun. In the midst of the panic, several of the crowd break off to pursue and subdue the attacker.

Imran Khan

Following the shooting, protests broke out throughout Pakistan, blocking major thoroughfares and causing severe traffic jams in numerous towns, including the capital, Islamabad. On Friday, Khan’s supporters predicted more demonstrations.

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