Breaking: Moments Two Historic Aircraft Collide On Air In Dallas (Video/Photos)

At the Saturday Wings Over Dallas event, two antique aircraft collided in the air, scattering debris and starting a nearby fire.

A Bell P-63 Kingcobra is passing by a Boeing B17 Flying Fortress bomber in a video that has been shared online. The Kingcobra is soon fully destroyed when the bomber crashes into it, shattering it into a ball of fire.

A witness to the air show claimed that the P-63 was banking left and had the B17 in its blind area at the moment, making it impossible for the pilot to anticipate the approaching collision.

Jason Evans, a Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman, told the Dallas Morning News that the crash occurred at around 1.30pm above the Dallas Executive Airport.

There are now around 40 Fire-Rescue crews on the scene, according to CNN. 

Witnesses say debris is now strewn over Highway 67 in Texas, where Fire Rescue authorities say an active fire has broken out. 

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