Breaking: Pop star Shakira could face 8 years in prison – see why!

Breaking: Pop star Shakira could face 8 years in prison - see why!

In the event that Colombian music artist Shakira is found guilty in her upcoming trial for alleged tax fraud, prosecutors in Spain said on Friday that they will urge the court to sentence her to eight years and two months in jail.

Shakira is accused of failing to pay the Spanish government 14.5 million euros ($15 million) in taxes between 2012 and 2014. Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. The prosecution declared that they will also pursue a $24 million ($24 million) fine.

Shakira is accused with six crimes, according to the indictment. This week, the singer turned down a plea bargain from the prosecution and chose to go to trial instead. There is no definite date for the trial.

Shakira “has always complied and abided by the law, exhibiting excellent conduct as a human and a taxpayer,” according to a statement released by her publicists in London on Friday. The Spanish Tax Agency was accused of abusing her rights by the publicists.

The artist has deposited the sum she is alleged to owe, along with 3 million euros in interest, according to Shakira’s Spanish public relations staff, who made the announcement earlier this week.

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