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FMOH Nigeria says most people who are infected with Covid-19 may not show symptoms

Most people who are infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms but can spread the disease to other people says Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria (FMOH).

Instructions from government and medical agencies on protective measures like quarantines and social distancing. Given that so many carriers show minimal to no symptoms, it is impossible to know how many people truly carry the virus. This reality makes preventive measures all the more important they stated. 

They further stated that, because the virus can become airborne by respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks near you (within six feet) and can be passed by person-to-person contact, social distancing from others regardless of symptoms can help break the chain of transmissions.

That is why the Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria (FMOH), now recommends wearing a cloth face covering in public, especially in places where it’s hard to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and another person. Cloth face masks are being recommended because we now know individuals with COVID-19 could have mild or no symptoms, while still spreading the virus to others.

Let’s continue to adhere to all public health advisories on COVID19 prevention.

Stay Safe!

FMOH Nigeria says most people who are infected with Covid-19 may not show symptoms

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