Good story, fat wallet get me on a Film set, says Richard Mofe Damijo

Nollywood super actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, has revealed the major motivations for accepting a movie role.

In an interview, Richard Mofe Damijo revealed that a good story determines his decision to accept or reject a movie role before a fat wallet.

“The story. And it helps when you have a good wallet, because I put 35 years in this work, in this business, so it would be nice when your wallet is a bit deep.

“I won’t just do anything. I have to also pay bills. Yeah, the kids are at the point now where we have to buy dollars to pay school fees. But a good story, really, speaking seriously now, a good story is all it takes.

And of course, I respect relationships. I respect relationships a lot, and I service them.

Good story, fat wallet get me on a film set, says Richard Mofe Damijo

And so I have done an incredibly large number of free films for people that I consider, you know, family and probably don’t have the kind of wallet that I expected them to have.

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And while that would not become a problem at all. Money is the least of my consideration. Really, if the story is good.

People who know me in the industry would tell you that I’m a sucker for a good story. So if the story is good, money would then become secondary.”

The 59-year-old thespian also revealed that as of 2017, he hadn’t done close to 100 movies in his entire 36-year-career saying, “I didn’t jump on every bandwidth on every film that came my way.

Richard has always tried to be very selective about the kind of films he acts. And in a lot of ways, I feel very blessed that my little body of work can kind of compare with any other person’s bodywork.

Good story, fat wallet get me on a film set, says Richard Mofe Damijo

For me, it is not about the number of films you do, but the quality of the films that you do.”


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