Italian Man Accused of Skipping Work for 15 Years Straight

Find a job that will forget you’re on the payroll, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Italian prosecutors say they’ve busted a man who raked in roughly 538,000 euros (US$647,000) over 15 years without ever showing up to his hospital job, in one of the most egregious cases of absentee abuse they’ve ever seen.

Police have dubbed Salvatore Scumace, 67, the “king of absentees” for his allegedly rampant abuse of public-sector funds in the city of Catanzaro, ANSA News reports.

Authorities say the man used threats to ensure that he would not be docked for missing work at the local hospital, and that he later fell off his employer’s radar altogether while still collecting paycheques.

It’s unclear when the scheme came to light, but the hospital launched disciplinary action against the man last year and also alerted the authorities.

He was fired in October and later arrested as part of an investigation dubbed Operation Part Time.

Investigators say the arrest came after they conducted extensive witness interviews and reviewed attendance logs at the hospital.

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