News Top blogger Tim Denning shares a touching true story of his life at 25

At 20, I felt lost, an Australian Top blogger on Tim Denning narrates how life at 20’s, was a tough experience for him.

“I owned a successful startup and went to work every day to make money.

The truth is, I was painfully bored.

A year later I left that startup, I decided to go out and experiment.

I started a new career in finance, I moved around and tried different jobs within finance, and I networked with as many people as possible.

A key thing I did is create a fear list.

I tracked every fear I had: planes, needles, hospitals, public speaking, elevators, social gatherings involving food (I had a hidden eating disorder).

Each week I’d try to tackle a huge fear. Within a few years I overcame most of my fears and became unstoppable.

“I am 25, and I am feeling lost already.” A Teenager laments

A 25year old teenage who is confused how life has taken the big side of his life time in the same order everyday, make him felt to have a word on Emmanuel Digest on quora with how he expressed some of the many sad things he had to dive in for the survival of his self and mom.

I am 25 and I have no idea what I want to do in life.

Any suggestion on how to find my direction?

One of the most important mistakes should one try to notice much earlier, the better, this is the story of Aussie blogger Tim Denning, Top blogger on who as for today with his quora readers alone having over 7million subscribers to his article via quora and active followers and views monthly is over 500million views only quora alone.

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“I did not get into writing for blogs as my first trial to meet the needed survival to live out there. It was the last of things.” literally I tried to figure out for myself as he shared to Emmanuel Digest his story. Tim was far from just inspiration but very fascinating experience.

Tim said that at 20 most people will do a wrong decision to themselves by a believe that they may already know how life works. “When I tried so many other things I could do, I was not even a good writer then but it was a necessary part of my thought to keep writing and consistently or eventually today I have over 500m views to my content here on quora”.

An amazing way to deal with life indeed was how Tim specifically found a way to guide his readers about how it should be for everyday in the struggle to survive with how to get better.

Keep trying all the things you know how to do and don’t believe you already know how this things works. Continue to deliberately contribute your part in to the quota system out there till you will be heard and become the very topic.

Our morals and lessons from Tim’s story which was shared to his readers of about 7million followers. He has got the simple techniques of working it out as a growing adolescent in the 21st century.

Develop and build skills for yourself, with too many available resources out today in technology one should not live without acquiring one skill or the best is more skills. People pay for skills and the experience of service you built upon for most donkey years back.

I know if people will need to be a Creator or Inventors then they should to be up in their skill practice everyday and learn all other skills within that field to get their heads out.
We will give you a link below to hear and read from Tim more of his stories.

Do you ever have a feeling to think less of your potentials?

Are you giving up already to how the life hits hard at your daily efforts to survive?

Survival is only meant for the fittest, and we are to make the fits we wear for ourselves, I personally figured out of Tim’s life story that the least of what may have been thought about as a lost energy can in turn become one’s own breakout point to start getting things done.

Losing the hope in your potentials is very wrong to do as we have learnt out of Tim story.

May you do what’s right all the time.

Continue to make a position forward for yourself towards anything good and an importantly aspect of this life lessons by Tim Denning is that our career is still the focus of every struggle, amidst the hard on times for his side hustle with shops and businesses he has opened and running, he never stopped writing.

Continue to do what you are good at or if you continue anyway you become better and bigger with more experiences in the same field.

This story of Tim was really worth if for us on

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