Oldest buildings in UAE discovered, dates back to 8,500 years

Archaeologists in the United Arab Emirates have uncovered the country’s oldest known buildings, dating back at least 8,500 years.

This is more than 500 years older than the previous record-breaking discoveries, according to Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism in a press release Thursday.

Discovered during an archaeological program run by the department, the buildings are located on the island of Ghagha, west of the city of Abu Dhabi.

Although the archaeologists are still unsure when the settlement was in use until, a body was discovered buried in the structures and dating back around 5,000 years — and it is one of the few known burials from this time on the Abu Dhabi islands.

“The discoveries on Ghagha island highlight that the characteristics of innovation, sustainability and resilience have been part of the DNA of the inhabitants of this region for thousands of years,” said Mohamed Al Mubarak, chairman of the department.

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