Terry Waya consents to Kiddwaya, Erica’s relationship

Billionaire father of Kiddwaya, Terry Waya, has given his blessings to his son’s relationship with Erica.

Terry Waya assured of his blessings during a Live Video chat on Instagram with media mogul, Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine on Thursday, August 27.

Responding to Momodu’s question of whether he accepts their relationship, Waya said they have his blessings, adding that he isn’t bothered about ethnicity.

“Anywhere my children decide to settle and set up a home they have my blessing. We are all one; it does not matter which culture or language you speak,” Terry Waya said.

Terry Waya consents to Kiddwaya, Erica’s relationship

“You know me I cut across all sections in Nigeria, any part of the country I go too, I‘m at home. There’s no place in Nigeria I do not have best friends.

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“Whoever he chooses, as a father I’ll always support him. I’m prepared to do a Versace wedding in Italy and also one here for the fans in Nigeria”.

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