Three-Days Shutdown Of Third Mainland Bridge From Friday

The Federal Government has announced a total shutdown of Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos for three days, beginning from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday.

The shutdown, it said, is to enable it carry out special repair works on the 11.8-kilometre platform.

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr. Olukayode Popoola, said in a statement that the construction had reached a stage where there should not be any form of movement or vibration on the bridge for concrete casting, hence the total closure.

The first total Shutdown of the section of the bridge between Adekunle and Adeniji Adele will be from midnight of Friday to midnight of Sunday to allow the contractor complete the first stage of casting works.

“The contractor, Messrs. Borini Prono and Company (Nigeria) Limited, is nearing completion of works on the closed section of Third Mainland Bridge and requires the total closure of both bounds of the bridge between Adeniji Adele and Adekunle (that is, in addition to the closed bound of the bridge, the other bound from Adekunle to Adeniji Adele will also be closed) to complete work.

Three-Days Shutdown Of Third Mainland Bridge From Friday

“The total closure of this section of the bridge is to ensure that there is no vibration on the bridge during the casting in-place of the newly installed expansion joints.

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This is to allow for setting of the special concrete, which allows the concrete to achieve its required compressive strength.”

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