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Twitter Suspension: Security risks of using VPN Softwares in Nigeria

Following the suspension of Twitter usage in Nigeria by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government, Nigerians have diverted to the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) services to access their Twitter accounts.

Twitter Suspension: Security risks of using VPN Softwares in Nigeria

VPN understandably makes one feel invincible, but there are still a few important risks involved that one should akeep in mind.

VPNs provide two of the most important services which are encryption and virtual IP addresses.

Encryption locks data in a layer of unbreakable code while virtual IP addresses help one to gain access to virtual, non-local IP addresses.

Twitter Suspension: Security risks of using VPN Softwares in Nigeria

With VPNs, you can still access the free internet through a tunnel. But can you trust the provider?.

Here Are Security Risks Associated With Using Untrusted VPNs

(1) Choosing the wrong VPN

One of the central dangers of using a VPN is choosing the wrong one.

Free services that advertise on browser extension stores and mobile marketplaces are notorious for claiming fast downloads and anonymized activities when in reality they can be more dangerous than not using a VPN at all.

(1) Viruses and malware are still a threat

Most VPNs do not protect your computer from viruses or malware.

(3) Fake VPN scams 

many online hackers rely on scamming those who are working the hardest to avoid scams.

This means that consumers should be wary of free anti-virus installers, fake ‘alert’ pop-ups, and, yes, VPN software.

(4) Users Data Privacy 

If a VPN service doesn’t charge its customers, the company has to bring in revenue from somewhere else. All your data make a detour via the VPN provider. But do you really know the company and what it’s about? Essentially, you will have to trust your provider to maintain data privacy.

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