Which of These Black American Actors is Your Favourite Greatest of all Time?

Hollywood has been for a long time and has produced a lot of well known black actors.

Most of these actors are not even acting again, but they surely made our childhood worth the living.

For decades, they have entertained us and are still entertaining us.
Some of them made us believed we could do almost anything they did in their action movies.

Yes, they were that intoxicating.
Below is a list of black American actors:-
1) Denzel Washington
2) Morgan Freeman
3) Cuba Gooding Jnr
4) Will Smith
5) Wesley Snipes
6) Samuel L. Jackson
7) Jamie Fox
8) Eddie Murphy
9) Terrence Howard
10) Idris Elba
11) Ice Cube
12) Tyrese Gibson
13) Marlon Wayans
14) Kelvin Hart
15) Chris Rock
16) Tyler Perry
17) LL Cool J.
18) Steve Harvey
19) Terry Crews
20) Forest Whitaker

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So who was your favorite actor and in what way did he or they impact you? Share your comments

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