‘Ogundipe Has Not Denied Any Wrongdoing’ – Babalakin Insists UNILAG VC Sack Was Legal

Pro-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Wale Babalakin on Monday reiterated that the sack of Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe as Vice-Chancellor was legal as he has not denied any of the allegations levelled against him.

Babalakin made the remarks during an appearance on Television’s breakfast show.

Ogundipe was sacked by the University’s Governing Council last week, but he has rejected the decision, claiming the process was not fair and did not follow due process.

‘Ogundipe Has Not Denied Any Wrongdoing’ – Babalakin Insists UNILAG VC Sack Was Legal

The University’s Senate and labour unions have also suggested the Vice-Chancellor’s removal contravened the University’s laid down procedures.

The school’s alumni association on Saturday called for the Council to rescind the sack and follow due process.

On Monday, Babalakin, who chairs the Governing Council, maintained that due process had been followed and Ogundipe had been found guilty of gross misconduct and financial misappropriation.

What Babalakin Said?

“First, let me repeat that the Council complied with due process in the removal of Professor Toyin Ogundipe.

“I’ve heard a lot of comments on all media. And these comments ignore a fundamental fact – Ogundipe has not denied any wrongdoing. He has not said that he did not spend N120 million renovating the residence of himself and two of his cronies without mentioning it to anybody.

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It was discovered. It was not mentioned, it was not prevented and there was no approval. That is patent illegality. And he has not denied it.

University of Lagos' Pro Chancellor, Wale Babalakin addressed the press on August 14, 2020.
Babalakin addressed the press on August 14, 2020.

“Ogundipe has not denied that he created something very new in the University – the concept of security votes. Or he continued it – I don’t know when it started. But he paid security votes, which is money that requires no account in the University. He has not denied it.

“Ogundipe has not denied that he forged documents, in trying to present a candidate for the Director of Works. He was Chairman of the Committee and he was told to collate results.

When he collated results, the second became first, first became second, he never denied it. On the floor of the Council – and it’s in the minutes – he did not have any comments about it.

“Ogundipe has not, till today,  been able to present a proper account of the University. Three sets of people have looked at the account, none have said that the accounts represent a fair representation of the University’s financial position.

“In fact, he concealed it until two-and-a-half years after Council came in, when, a (Professor Omoleyinwa) report found out that he had concealed information and had presented what is not a budget as a budget.

‘Ogundipe Has Not Denied Any Wrongdoing’ – Babalakin Insists UNILAG VC Sack Was Legal

“Ogundipe unilaterally sought to appoint a Professor into the University. This is the worst scandal in academia.

He sent me a memo that I should approve that the Librarian becomes a professor. I am familiar with University systems. You just don’t become a Professor. You must go through the process and then it comes to the Council for confirmation.”


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