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Best Power Rangers Toys for Kids

The power rangers franchise is a very popular series that has stood the test of time, despite it being released years back it still interests youngsters. However, as a kid growing up, I loved watching Power Rangers, because of their fancy robots.

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Most times I ended up acting Power Rangers roles with my friends. However, today as technology has advanced and still advancing, more toys based on movies and certain characters keep coming out, of which the power rangers franchise is of no exception.

Also, because of the diversity of power rangers storylines you may find it daunting selecting the perfect power ranger toy for your kids because they are too many.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re confused on which power ranger toy to get for your kids, then you should continue reading, as we’ve shortlisted a few amazing and popular power ranger toy base for you.

1. Power Rangers Morphin Megazords

Best Power Rangers Toys for Kids

The Megazords in any power rangers franchise is obviously the best part of every scene, where we see different power ranger vehicles coming together to make up a giant human-like robot.

However, the Megazords feature many places where like the gun and sword where each power ranger fit in. Although, does feature are a combination of both power ranger’s vehicle ability.

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As Mentioned, the Megazord is a combination of different power ranger vehicles or animals as the case may be that form a large gigantic war machine, they can also disassemble, which is great for a toy giving kids the liberty to be able to uncouple their Megazords thereby exercising their motor skills.

The Megazords also contain lighting and sound effects for added pleasure. Additionally, it fires projectiles, has a vehicle ramp, and a jail cell to imprison bad guys, which makes it cool and great for kids.

2. Red Ranger Sword And Mask

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Best Power Rangers Toys for Kids

If there’s anything most kids love Ve doing, is roleplaying, especially where they get to dress like certain characters in their costumes . However, this pack includes a red ranger element, which kids may love and a portable sword or saber.

Your child will have full visibility and more comfort than with other masks because the mask won’t completely enclose their face. However, the mask is made of sturdy plastic and is sized to fit younger children (ages 3-5). The Dino Saber has a cool appearance and fires projectiles when you press a button.

3. Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Best Power Rangers Toys for Kids

Power Rangers are more like ninjas, so they also have similar weapons to ninjas just like this star Ninja weapon which we see in most ninja movies. So when power rangers turn from their human persona they get to use this weapon, mostly it’s used in place of sword or guns, by throwing it at their enemies. This Ninja weapon is as important as the Power Rangers Steel Morpher that features three separate fighting modes and concealed weaponry.

Your child will like opening the sword and tossing the two accompanying ninja stars. Also, when the stars are in contact, sound effects are played. Additionally, it works with other Ninja Steel toys.

4. Another Power Rangers Megazord

Power Rangers

This is a legendary Megazord that was inspired by the first power rangers series. It contains the five different zords that will come together to become the Megazord.

Also, your child will have no trouble putting everything together because it is straightforward and includes detailed instructions with pictures. Also, after uncoupling the Megazord it will enable them to play with the individual creatures.

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