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Reasons Why You Should Own a Robot Pet Dog

Pet animals are adorable and loveable creatures that provide emotional comfort and care to their owners. However, owning a pet comes with a huge responsibility, as you’ll have to take care of it by bathing, feeding and so on which can be daunting and time consuming and may also have effects on your finances, as you’ll have to buy some preferred animal kits for your pet just so they can enjoy care and comfort as a reciprocate value.

Although you get to spend much on a live pet than a robotic one. A robotic pet obviously might be a better option for people who want a pet companion but don’t want to engage in pet caretaking. But despite the advantages of having a robotic pet it may never surpass the comfort and company you’ll get from a live one.

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However, in this article we’ll be seeing why robot pet dog is good and what you may gain from having one as a pet.

Reasons Why You Should Own A Robot Pet Dog

Robot pet dogs come in different size, design and architecture but due to the mobility of technology, you can be sure that robot pet dogs will continue to get better in design, and functionality. Although, as they’re only robot pet dogs, they may not really perform much stunts or much behaviors.

Some may even be restricted to only opening and closing of their eyes or mouth, as it’s just for kids to play with. Although, there may be more mobile robots in the market that are programmed to follow their owners about or have more sophisticated characteristics like the capacity to understand voice instructions, so you should always do your research before setting out to buy one. Robotic pets have their own benefits even though they might not provide the realistic element that some people are looking for.

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Some of the advantages are opposites of the drawbacks of having a live animal, which will be very appealing to some potential owners. Now, below are a few reasons why a robot pet dog may be for your and your kids.

1. Lesser Responsibility And Caretaking

Personally I prefer robot dogs, as having them in place of live ones mitigates the huge responsibility of taking care of a live dog which can be very frustrating.

However, with robot pet dogs there are no after-dinner walks because there is no need to feed the artificial pet. Another advantage is having a home free of the smells caused by certain body release of a live pet dog. Live animals, particularly dogs, become dirty, and overtime develop odors, which may require you to give them a heavy tub tub. However, none of that is necessary for a robotic pet, which is a more reason to get one.

2. Not Bad, Very Obedient

According to a brief and short review on live dogs that I carried out few days ago, majority of the people in my neighborhood preferred robot pet dogs because having a new dog at home especially untrained ones can be very risky as they may end up destroying and chewing up all your possession. Additionally, live pet dogs may choose to bite does they’re not familiar with or strangers but robot pet dog tends to be friendly to everyone based on the configurations given to it.

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Additionally, a live animal may make unwelcome or excessive noises, such as a dog barking loudly or a bird chirping nonstop. The actions of a robotic pet, however, can always be controlled.

3. Quite Affordable

The cost of a robot pet dog may vary based on their design, functionality and other sophisticated features just like a live pet dog where the cost based on their breed and so on. However, since only batteries or electricity for recharging will need to be purchased in the future, robotic pets will be less expensive in the long run as the majority of costs will be covered in the initial purchase. A live pet costs more over time because its owner will need to keep spending money on food, toys, and medical care.

4. They Also Provide Comfort

Robotic dogs are just as helpful in preventing loneliness, especially among the senior population. Also, owners of robotic pets have complete control over their animals and can start play and also turn them off or on. Another factor to take into account is the absence of support that is necessary when an owner vacates or takes a vacation, which is absent in owning a robot pet dog.

5. They’re Extraordinary

Robots are programmed to carry out specific tasks, such communicating with the owner. Some highly sophisticated AI(Artificial intelligence) based robot dog may even be trainable by their owners but does kinds of robot bot may cost a fortune. Also, for every robot pet dog, there’s always an option where owners can use in controlling the behaviors of their robot dog, which is a great feature.

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