Why Every Parents Must Get Barbie Dolls For Their Kids

Why Every Parents Must Get Barbie Dolls For Their Kids

Before getting into what barbie dolls are, you should know that dolls have a long history of serving as both a source of amusement for kids and a collectible object for certain adults.

For instance, in my house my younger ones use dolls to play, most times I wonder the kind of feeling they get when they play with dolls, because I have never for one day liked or play with dolls, but that doesn’t mean that dolls are not a great source of joy for kids. However, for many years, Barbie dolls have been among the most well-liked doll series.

But have you ever wondered how healthy these dolls are for our kids? Well, as you keep reading this article your eyes will be opened to profound secrets and reasons why you should get a doll for your child.

Adults have long criticized the Barbie doll, both historically and in the present. You may be wondering why that is so? Well, most parents and guardians are concerned about doll shape because they don’t want their young daughters to be overly influenced by an unfavorable body image.

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It’s reasonable to consider the impact a toy can have on a child because they learn alot from pretend play with toy, it also impacts their self-image in light of what may seem like a very legitimate criticism.

However, in most cases, the majority of kids don’t really think about the negative impacts toy barbie dolls may have on them because for the most part, playing with Barbie dolls has positive effects on them.

Benefits Of Barbie Dolls To Kids

1. They Greatly Influence Their Creativity

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Playing with toys or dolls can generally improve your kids in diverse areas of their lives most especially it may help improve their sense of creativity because there are so many different outfits, shoes, accessories, and play sets that your kids can mix and match when playing with a Barbie doll. However, barbie dolls play helps to develop their creativity and clothing/color matching abilities.

They can also share the reasoning behind their doll-dressing choices and practice their interaction skills in a group play setting. However, as children continuously play with their dolls they begin to learn there are no boundaries in this world and that their only mental limitations apply to them, which is undoubtedly a great advantage in their development.

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In addition, barbie doll play has the power to affect your child’s creativity as we mentioned, so if you claim to love your kids do them a favor by getting a doll for them. In order to promote creativity and engage that area of your child’s brain, you can choose to be selective or decisive on the kind of dolls you’ll get them. For instance, you may choose to get a doll that captures a doctor just so you can introduce your child to that world abit.

2. Encourages Roleplaying

However, as we all know by now, barbie play sets usually come in different varieties and styles, which may be a little overwhelming for kids since you may have a doll set having more than one doll portraying different career choices, causing your kids to have a deadlock ok which career to take.

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Although aside the downsides of having your gets amass different doll sets, your child will gain a better awareness of some parts of the real world outside of his or her safe environment through role-playing with dolls.

The various scenarios, complementary roles that the Barbie doll offers, and how your child acts them out are significant developmental milestones. Your youngster will begin to develop independence and responsibility as they continually play with their dolls. Also, your child begins to see a distinct side of life, which goes beyond playing the stereotypical “mother” role with baby dolls.

3. Introduction To Careers

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As we’ve always mentioned in our previous articles on toys and dolls, these play objects have what it takes to teach kids positively and also introduce them to life changing career choices and skills which may be of benefit to them whether they use it as their main career focus or not.

However, barbie has a wide range of career options, including nurse, doctor, police officer, firefighter, and even computer engineer, all of which may help inspire your child and ensure that their future career options are not constrained. Your child will also learn from Barbie that anything is possible if they puts their mind to it.

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4. Cognitive Skills

Children’s working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control are all improved by pretend play since it requires them to retain the imaginative elements of their play for a long period. As kids develop and explore doll play, the advantages are endless.

Your child may be learning to apply knowledge from one setting to another, make plans and carry them out, and solve problems depending on how they play.

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5. Fine Motor Skills

Children can practice and improve their fine motor skills by taking off and putting on their clothes. As it is simpler to learn, your child may begin by always taking off their clothes before developing the confidence to do the opposite.

When introducing clothing, start with items that are simpler to take off. After that, progress to pants, buttons, and zips.

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