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Why Every Kid Must Watch The ‘Paw Patroller’ Animated Series

In this article, we’ll be looking into the ‘Paw patroller’ or ‘Paw Patrol’ animated kids tv series, to see how it can impact youngsters. However, parents/guardians must be aware that ‘Paw patroller’ is an animated kindergarten educational television series that uses amiable shelter/rescue dogs to work together to save companions in need, teach children about their civic rights and duties, and how to solve problems.

Paw Patroller also educates children on how to work together as a team to accomplish tasks, which touches on more general concepts like respect and getting along with others from different backgrounds.

Each tale begins with a child or animal in peril, and some of their situations may alarm sensitive children, but be assured there is always a pleasant ending owing to the shelter dog’s bravery and love for their companions.

By now you may be wondering who is behind this incredible animated series, right? Well, the ‘Paw patroller’ series was created by Keith Chapman some years back.

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However, the cartoon series is produced by ‘Spin Master Entertainment’, with the animated characters and world developed and provided by Guru studios.

The animated series is broadcasted on Nickelodeon or several cartoon network satellite tv stations.

However, for years the series has positively impacted the lives of youngsters, as it is educating and does not display any immoral act that may corrupt the minds of children watching it.

What Is The Series About?

Why Every Kid Must Watch The 'Paw Patroller' Animated Series

According to the series, the primary aim of the Paw Patrollers is to ensure that the citizens of the shoreside community of Adventure Bay and neighboring areas get protected from harm.

Although, Ryder in the story doesn’t just incure dogs in his rescue services just so he can have fun with them NO!, each dog has a skill that Ryder feels may be of great help during any rescue mission.

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Remember, we made mention that each dog has a specific unique skill that may be of help to Ryder in their rescue missions. Their skills include;

Paw Patroller
  • Firefighter
  • Aviation pilot, and
  • Police officer.

Before proceeding, are you familiar with the ‘Transformers’ Hollywood blockbuster movie? Well, in the movie we see armed vehicles transforming into giant robots that fight crime, which is super cool.

Paw Patrollers also have such, as each dog in the rescue team has a technological puppy house that transforms into a vehicle when emergencies arise, the vehicles are called ‘Pupmobiles’.

That’s not all, aside from being equipped with transformable puppy houses, they are also empowered with high-tech pup-backs that contain super cool puppy weapons/tools.

Those who are very familiar with the series can attest that the opening scene of each episode of the series always starts with showing the dogs going about their day-to-day routine in the rescue center in Adventure Bay. Most often the dogs engage themselves by playing with dog toys or in any activity in the local playground.

Why Every Kid Must Watch The 'Paw Patroller' Animated Series

However, Ryder who is a youngster about the age of 10, always places himself at the forefront of the rescue team. Most times he’s in the control room receiving calls of emergency.

Most of his distress calls are from the Adventure Bay town mayor – Goodway, and a marine biologist named Cap’n Turbot who gets involved in one or two accidents almost all the time, Cap’n Turbot spends most of his time in the wildlife, as he is very knowledgeable about wild animals.

Ryder who always stays in the control room waiting for a distress call alerts his pup-dogs when any emergency springs up.

He alerts his dogs via their blinking pet tags, as soon as the leader of the Paw control pup receives the signal, he then instructs his fellow dog mates into the elevator and straight into their rescue-mobile vehicle.

Marshall usually arrives last and causes a funny incident that makes the other dogs chuckle as the elevator climbs. They line up in a queue when they get to the top floor.

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Ryder informs the puppies of what has happened as Chase declares that the squad is prepared for combat. He picks a few team members, typically two first responders, to assist in resolving the issue at hand.

They finish their task by sliding back down to their trucks. After they are done, Ryder delivers his signature line: “Whenever you’re in difficulty, just yell for help!” Ryder then commends the puppies back into the rescue vehicle and head back to back.

How This Series Has Benefited The Creators?

Why Every Kid Must Watch The 'Paw Patroller' Animated Series

The developers of this incredible animated series have been making loads of dollars from the franchise, and the series doesn’t seem like ending anytime soon, as the developers keep on releasing interesting episodes.

However, over the years the ‘Spin Master’ – developers of the animated characters and dogs used in the Paw Patrollers, have gained recognition because of this series to show you how big this series got.

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At a time the animated series show – Paw patrol received varieties of awards, such as the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

And above all, the enormous positive impact that the series has made in the lives of its viewers.

Bottom Line

As a parent, we highly recommend this animated series for your children, as it portrays a good story and your kids will be able to learn loads of lessons from it.

They’ll learn how to be compassionate, how to love one another, and how to care for animals, in fact during my childhood days i enjoyed watching ‘Paw Patrol’, because of so many reasons, aside from it being entertaining it serves lessons that may impact kids positively.

It may sound funny, but watching this series then helped me to be brave as a kid, and I assure you that your kids won’t get bored for any reason, as each episode is filled with fun and exciting stories.

As i mentioned earlier this animated series also teaches children about caring for animals, especially dogs.

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