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All You Need To Know About Bear Bricks Collectible For Kids

Before getting in to what bear Bricks is, let’s dive abit. By now we all know that bear is a prominent symbol in both the worlds of fashion and art today.

Using the design of a bear on anything can be super cool as it gives a clever design, it seamlessly combines the active luxury style and attractive impressionability of avant-garde art with the simplicity of a made-up toy.

What’s with Bear Bricks? Bearbrick was released about 21yrs ago and since then it has become a prominent and expensive collectible. However, this collectible is a unique vinyl toy and has been one of the most highly coveted collectibles, just like we mentioned.

Even though it’s just a plastic toy, several of the biggest fashion brands and architectural firms have adopted it to showcase their most recent creations.

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Vinyl toys are little more than simple plastic figures, yet they have changed the toy industry more than anything else.

Who Founded Bear Bricks?

Tatsuhiko Akashi was the founder of the Japanese company Medicom Toy in 1996, and also responsible for the creation of Bearbrick, which has turned out to become a highly collected collectible.

However, in time past Medicom Toys was responsible for the designing and production of a mechanical miniature figure was modeled after Legos and dubbed Kubrick in honor of the celebrated director Stanley Kubrick.

Also, event planners requested Medicom Toys to design a toy that they could give attendees as gifts. However, the organizers quickly customized hundreds of toys.

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And so, Akashi came up with the idea of placing a bear’s head on the actual construction of a Kubrick, encouraged by the knowledge that the teddies soft toy, which youngsters had played with through the tens, was celebrating its 100th anniversary in the year 2000.

Why Are Bear Bricks So Important And Exclusive?

Nobody is able to pinpoint just why Bearbrick has gained such a fervent following among design enthusiasts. But its distinctive design and limited-edition figures were two elements that undoubtedly added to its rarity.

A Bearbrick toy is similar to a white canvas on which anybody may write or draw anything. Imagine playing a video game where you may choose how to dress up your favorite character. That is something about Bearbrick.

The well-known brands who worked together to create Bearbrick toys have debuted their individual designs. In addition to the standard Bearbrick toys, these exist.

Majority of the bearbricks are a part of a set series modeled after a hero, an animal, a general pattern, a flag, or simply an adorable figurine from the horror or science fiction genres.

With the care that goes in from the design to the production of bear bricks, which makes it undoubtedly hard to find non-unique bear bricks miniatures. Above all, it is even harder to find Bearbricks that are intended for marketing rather than sale.

Every Bearbrick edition is distinct from the others due to the variation in design. For these reasons, Bearbrick has evolved into a sort of trophy that is sought after by many but only owned by a select few.

Is Bear Bricks Good For Kids?

Well, this one of the questions that most people are dying to get an answer. However, the bear brick is highly collectible and it’s more like a fidget toy that kids may enjoy and indirectly exercise and boost their motor skills.

Since bear Bricks are customizable miniatures that kids can change and do so many things on they are a good fit for enhancing childrens hand eye coordination and also improving their motor skill

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