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Reasons Why Building Blocks May Be Good For Your kids

Are you familiar with building blocks? Well, am sure you don’t know what it may benefit your kids to play with block toys! However, if you wish to find out what your kids may stand to benefit from block toy play, then this article is for you.

However, toy play generally irrespective of the toy object in use can impact kids negatively or positively, but they mostly benefit positively from toy play. However, building blocks are more like fidgeting toys, since they require hands in action. The benefits that blocks provide, from emotional development and resilience to art and more.

You should know that children, parents, and teachers have known for centuries that playing with building blocks is not only enjoyable but also extremely healthy. Even though they seem straightforward, blocks are arguably the most adaptable toy ever created.

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Building blocks also provide kids with essential lessons in physics, engineering, science, math, and open-ended imaginative play.

Children use blocks in both conventional ways and uncommon ones. However, the benefits are undoubtedly top notch as kids may also enjoy it. Below are some key benefits of playing with building blocks.

Benefits Of Building Blocks To Kids

1. May Help Boost Their Intelligence

Playing with fidget or building block toys can greatly build kids, it may help improve their hand-eye coordination and also their memorization skills. However, children who develop such skills tend to have high IQ.

By getting interactive and block toys like a fidget object, they’ll have time to play with it alot, since building block play toys are enjoyable and fun.

So do well by getting this toy for your kids.

2. It Develops Their Senses

When it comes to toy play generally, children engage in the play with different senses. For instance, when they carry toys from one spot to another they are applying the senses of touch, sight, etc. However, building block toys only aim at enhancing few senses such as sight, touch and hearing. So by getting block toys for them you’re indirectly teaching them how to handle some task themselves.

3. Encourages Problem Solving Skills

Generally, our uniqueness is tied to our problem solving, that’s why you may find different people with different behaviors and capabilities in an environment, and playing with toys can also develop this skills.

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Every kid is a problem solver, and to build on that skill of theirs you need to engage them with toys that can do so. For instance, the toy block toys which almost every parent is family with can make children think, thereby enhancing their problem solving skills as they get into building some little buildings during their playtime.

Additionally, children of all age groups can solve complex math operations just by allowing them to use some educational toys like building blocks, which are readily available at every toy store. Although, there are many toys that can make them think but the preferred one is always a building block toy.

Also, they may handle real-life situations as they gain insights of how to apply some principles into building a structure. Although, your kids problem solving skills may not quickly develop but as they continually play with their toys you’ll start seeing changes.

4. Emotional And Social Development

Playing with toys can help develop and improve their emotions. For instance, when they fail to erect a block building or when their block building keeps crashing it may make them sad, but that doesn’t mean they won’t solve it later on, as the sadness fades you’ll see they’ll reprise back and get the problem solved. This alone can help them know how to manage and control their emotions.

Also, it may help improve their social life, as they play alongside other kids in group, thereby having the liberty to ask themselves questions, direct each other and even take turns in the toy play.

5. Improves Their Concentration

Kids are mostly fond of playing, as they may easily deviate from a teaching, since they are always eager to play either in a group or alone with toys. However, as a parent you should get educational toys that are interactive to help them stay focus and concentrated when not in class, so them can learn new things easily from their playing with toys.

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