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Reasons Why Children Love Rag Dolls

Do you know that rag dolls have been around for decades? Well, for some of us who are familiar with this doll, we can attest to the enjoyable pleasure we got from playing with rag dolls. However, have you ever wondered why they are called ‘Rag’ dolls? This is because in time past, women would usually cut pieces of cloth materials and fabricate doll toys for their kids.

In the past, rag dolls were simply rag pieces filled in a sewed character like shape and then other leftover material used as clothing for it.

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This kind of toys are easy to make and tend be designed based on children’s expectations. Often times, mothers would usually sow smile on the face of their kids dolls.

Even if rag dolls are no longer constructed by hand, still yet, they are nonetheless crucial for the growth of young children.

Getting your kids acquainted with rag dolls at a very tender age can be an advantage as they’ll be able to learn basic life lessons that will be of benefit to them future-wise. Since kids are fond of play and tend to learn alot from play, it is advised that you get them toys as early as possible especially rag dolls so as to build certain areas of their lives.

Also, rag dolls are very soft when cuddled, so children may often go-to bed with their rag dolls. Also, babies find solace in the presence of their favorite rag doll. A rag doll makes a great snuggling partner if your child is old enough to sleep on their side or stomach because it is less substantial than a conventional plush animal.

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By reducing the number of small or removable parts, rag dolls can be created to be safe for babies and young toddlers.

Why Rag Dolls May Be Good For Your Kids

1. Gives Them Opportunity For Open-ended Play And Improves Their Imagination

Rag dolls are best for kids for many profound reasons, one of which is their simplicity. Simple toys that encourage unstructured play are necessary for young children. Children can also develop their ability to reason, imagine, and explore when they play with rag dolls.

As kids continually play with their dolls they get to start imagining things, thereby create and actualize certain things from their imaginations. Because of this, young toddlers adore toys like building blocks and soft dolls that can change into anything.

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You may ask, is rag dolls meant for female kids alone? Well, they can be used by both male and female kids. As we said earlier, rag dolls are intuitive giving your youngster complete creative freedom. Rag dolls serve as a playmate and a prop for a variety of adventures, from your toddler’s first game of House to riding on the back of their trike.

2. Encourages Roleplaying

Doll play is significant for both boys and girls. Your child’s doll can ride on their biggest stuffed animal, live in their block castle, or become their closest confidante. Rag dolls also allow your youngster to include them in any role-playing scenario because to their amiable yet straightforward appearance.

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