Top 10 Amazing Kids Activities Recommended For Children

Top 10 Amazing Kids Activities Recommended For Children

If you work with children or handle kids activities, then you know that sometimes they need a little help making themselves known. Many children are used to adults doing the introductions for them and might not know how to introduce themselves in a group.

Introductions can be really fun though, and learning how to introduce themselves will help kids build their confidence, sense of identity, and feeling of belonging to a community. This lesson will teach you some activities that you can use to help children introduce themselves to one another in the classroom setting.

That is why today, we are going to discuss about the top ten (10) amazing kids activities recommended for your children below:

The Ten (10) Amazing Kids Activities Recommended For Children

1. Have a Chalk Drawing Contest

If you have a cement driveway, give each person in the family a certain space on the driveway and have each person draw something. You can either suggest the same topic to everyone or let everyone draw what they want.

When it’s done, you can have a “showing,” where each person tells about their particular drawing as the rest of the family checks out their handiwork.

2. Visit a Museum

Many museums offer free family days or hyper-discounted passes if you pay attention. A day at any type of museum can be a great way to spend that day.

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3. Play a Board Game

As part of the amazing kids activities, One good way to do this is to play a mix of board and card games, where the winner gets to pick the next game. Some games may require a bit of handicapping to give all of the players an equal chance to win, but making it fun for everybody is a big part of the equation.

4. Visit a Playground

Almost every community has a public playground or two for children of all ages to enjoy. There are very few kids that can’t be entertained on a playground.

This isn’t just fun for the kids, of course. I almost always go on the swings for a while when we go to a playground and I’ll often go down the slide with my youngest on my lap (well, until he recently got too big for that idea).

5. Play Hide-and-Seek

It’s such a simple game, but it almost always clicks. One person covers their eyes and counts to twenty aloud while the other players hide. The seeker then looks for all of the hiding people until everyone is found.

6. Make Mazes (or other Puzzles) for Other Family Members to Solve

If you have some scrap paper, this is a great way to spend an hour or so. Each person gets a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil and tries to make a puzzle for someone else to solve. After some time, everyone passes their completed puzzle to the person to the left to see if they can solve it. If everyone wants to do it again, you pass to the right.

It’s rather fun to do this twice with both of the parents sitting next to each other so the parents have a chance to make one hard puzzle for the other adult. I made a particularly malicious word search puzzle for Sarah not too long ago…

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7. Build Musical Instruments and Play a Song

We often make or find instruments in the spirit of a jug band. We’ll turn a shoe-box into a simple string instrument or find a tub or empty container to make a simple drum. We’ll fill up some glasses with water and play music on the rims with our fingertips.

Using these things, we’ll have a jam session and, surprisingly, we’ll usually get a nice rhythm going. It’s particularly nice because of the homemade nature of the things we’re using.

8. Write Letters to Family and Friends

There are few things nicer than getting a thoughtful handwritten note from someone in the mail. Knowing that, we’ll sometimes sit down and write letters to people – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on.

Sometimes, they’ll write back, but it’s often just fun to take the time to show these people that we care and are thinking about them in a more concrete way than just sending an email or a Facebook message.

9. Camp in the Backyard (or in a State Park)

As part of the amazing part of amazing kids activities, Pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep out under the stars on a nice summer evening. The summer sounds will fill your ears and the fresh air will make you sleep wonderfully.

Even better, camp in a state park near your home. It’s usually really cheap to camp there and it gives you tons of opportunity to go fishing, wander the trails, or enjoy the many other activities that state parks have to offer.

10. Have a Daily “Sustained Silent Reading” Period

For half an hour each day, have everyone in the family kick back in a comfortable chair and read something for personal enrichment. It gives the children a chance to work on reading comprehension and provides the adults with a window to enjoy a book, too. Need books? That’s what the library is for!

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Summary / Conclusion

As play disappears from the background of childhood, we need to recognize that its downfall will have a lasting impact. Decades of persuasive research have shown that without play, children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development is compromised. They will develop without much imagination and creativity.

Their capacity for communication will be reduced and their affinity towards aggressiveness and violence will increase. In short, human nature as we have known it will be deeply changed, increasing many of the problems that are already afflicting children and society.

If we do not invest in play, we will find ourselves investing much more in prisons and hospitals, as the incidence of physical, and mental illness, as well as aggressive and violent behavior increases.

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