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What You Should Know About Funko Pops

What are Funko pops? Well, they are similar to figurines inspired by popular culture icons, video game characters, comic books, and movies.

These toys depict each character in a variety of physical architecture or sizes, outfits, poses, and finishings and feature well-known characters from various franchises with large-sized heads and eyes.

Aside from that, Funko Pop products feature attractive window box packaging, making them the ideal collectibles for everyone because they feature more characters, including those from television shows, movies, commercials, Marvel, and Dragon Ball.

However, Funko pops which were tagged as the most underappreciated collectibles producers in recent years, is now renowned for its figures based on pop culture figures.

The popularity of Funko’s Pop figures has led to numerous licensing agreements being signed with the hottest video game franchises, TV shows, movies, anime, music, and sports franchises.

Lets look at the history of Funko pops briefly. They began producing bobblehead figures in 1998 when toy collectors Mike Becker and Claudia Becker founded the company.

However, the preliminary products were not a success, and Becker’s sales really started to soar following the introduction of the Austin Powers bobbleheads.

Following that, the business unveiled Funko’s vinyl line in 2010, bringing with it some of the most recognizable characters. A Funko is exactly what you’re looking for if you like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Captain America, and a Star Wars Darth Maul collectible!

Are Funko Pops Worth Collecting?

Aside from their charming qualities, Funko Pops are entertaining to collect because you can find a particular figure in various variations.

There is always a new Funko Pop to buy since enormous fans are constantly seeking to collect merchandise from their preferred television shows, video games, comic books, artists, and even famous people.

How Funko Pops Skyrocketed!

Funko Pops

Funko excels at obtaining license agreements for intellectual properties that they do not control. The corporation seems to be collaborating with everyone.

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Since 2019, Funko has collaborated with more than 200 content producers, including Disney, Amazon and others.

There are Pops for almost everything and everyone now, thanks to whatever shrewd corporate strategies made these links feasible.

However, Funko is addressing an untapped market by producing merchandise for enthusiasts who don’t frequently have the opportunity to purchase items that resemble toys. 

Any fan of almost anything who hears this will likely say, “I want that” for the thing they like as well.

Additionally, Funko Pops cost nothing to produce and typically sell for under $15. Funko has consistently made money off its goods with only a 16% royalty fee to the IP they license from.

Funko Pop frequently produces limited editions of each character, hence their goods are in high demand and frequently sell out.

A language has emerged around Pops since collecting them has become so common. Although it’s not difficult to learn, the language could make Pop collecting seem more difficult to novices.

As an illustration, Pops owners are known as collectors. Easy enough, it seems. What other words are related to Funko?

Exclusive; Pop may only be accessible at specific locations. Pops are offered for sale online and at places like Hot Topic, Amazon, and Walgreens. On occasion, a merchant will acquire exclusive rights to a specific design or character variant.

Other Pops won’t be sold anywhere else; only at special occasions like Comic Con and related gatherings.

One of the more frequent names used to characterize some of the most popular Funko figurines is chase. An altered version of a typical figurine is a chase.

This could imply that the figure is holding a different object, has a different hair color, etc. A small number of pursuit figurines are produced when a Pop has a chase version. One for every eight or 30 figurines, depending on the number.

Collectors and Funko pop hunters chase after the rare chase variations because of their scarcity. Other times, a collector won’t know if their Pop is a variant until they take their figure out of the box.

Chase variants are occasionally sold through exclusive partnerships. Finding ​a product that people already like provides an added degree of fun because of the “game of chance” component.

As you delve further into the neighborhood, more words will surface. Other terms that can be useful on a Funko journey are grail, which is a term that one uses to describe their best or most coveted Funko Pops, and vaulted, which is a term for a Funko Pop that has been discontinued and possibly makes reference to “the Disney vault.

What Was The First Funko Pop?

At San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, Funko unveiled its initial line of merchandise under the name Funko Force 2.0.

The product line featured two different versions of Batman, Green Lantern, and Batgirl from the DC Comics collection. This limited-edition collection is now among the rarest pops in existence.

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The plastic figures arrived in plastic clamshell packaging rather than the recognizable white boxes that they now ship in.

It is simple to develop an obsession with the adorable figurines, just like it is with other collectibles on the market. They are well-liked not just for their distinctive design but also because they are far less expensive than their rivals in the market, with a starting price of just £8. Popular versions typically increase in value.

Are Funko Pops Rare?

Rare Funkos are those figures that, in the past, were probably quite popular pops and have increased in value through time.

These items haven’t restocked since they are typically older releases that you can’t get from conventional Funko merchants.

If you want to find some of the rarest pops on the market, you will need to be prepared to spend more than a few thousand dollars because these are expensive.

The Pop! by Funko Star Wars Holographic Vinyl With only 480 copies ever produced, Darth Maul is regarded as one of the most rare figures ever. People have paid more than £2,000 for the goods because there is a limited supply.

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