Factors Influencing Promotion Mix

These factors are briefly explained below:

1) Availability of Funds

Regardless of what may be the most desirable promotion mix, the amount of money available for promotion is the real determinant of the mix.

2) Nature of the Market

Decisions on promotion mix will be greatly influenced by the nature of the market.

3) Nature of the Product

Consumer products and industrial products, frequently, require different strategies. Thus, the nature of products in the markets determines the promotion mix adopted.

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4) Stages of the Product Life Cycle

Promotional strategies for a product are influenced by the stage that a product is in, at any given time.

The product life cycle includes- introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

In conclusion, promotion is considered inevitable in modern business activities.

Promotion is synonymous with sellinaimsmsis to inform, persuade, and influence people to buy goods and services offered for sale. It is an essential element in modern marketing.

Successful launching of products into markets is one thing and creating awareness is another. This unit looked into various ways of making goods and services known to target consumers.

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